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2020 TMS Buyer's Guide - Inbound Logistics

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-01-26
Transportation Management Systems (TMS), Transportation ManagementSupply chain disruptions created by the global pandemic, shifting capacity, fluctuating fuel costs, and demanding e-commerce customer requirements are raising shipper and carrier interest in transportation management systems (TMS).A variety of solutions are available to meet every company’s unique needs. From cloud-based, on-demand, web-hosted applications to traditional licensing installations, over the road, on the rail, containerized, or parcel, TMS vendors and service providers are expanding their offerings to target specific end-user requirements.Because the choices can be overwhelming, Inbound Logistics offers this annual guide of some top TMS providers and solutions that can put you on the right road toward improved transportation management and performance, regardless of the business conditions. 360datawww.360data.com | 920-882-5222Product: 360data TMSPlatform: Hosted on the vendor's website, cloud-basedDescription: Integrates with ERP systems or operates as a standalone. Full functionality without large capital investment.3Gtmswww.3gtms.com | 203-567-4610Product: 3G-TMPlatform: Hosted on the vendor's website, cloud-basedDescription: Manages the full order-to-cash transportation cycle for 3PLs, brokers, freight forwarders, and shippers.3rdwave/Blinco Systemswww.3rdwave.co | 416-510-8800Product: 3rdwave iTMSPlatform: Cloud-basedDescription: Provides beneficial cargo owners with a completely integrated international TMS solution. Manages and controls freight contracts, track and trace, pier priority control, and drayage. Extensive reporting and analytics.4flowwww.4flow.comProduct: 4flow vistaPlatform: Licensed to user (installed locally), cloud-basedDescription: Integrates supply chain optimization and transportation management—from strategic design to tactical planning and daily execution, including claims.Acuitive Solutionswww.acuitivesolutions.com | 704-847-4997Product: Global TMSPlatform: Cloud-basedDescription: Targets the international ocean, dray, airfreight, and inbound small package execution needs of large and mid-sized shippers and retailers.Agistixwww.agistix.com | 650-362-2000Product: AgistixPlatform: Cloud-basedDescription: Centralizes inbound, outbound, and third-party shipments across all carriers and modes.Alpegana.alpegagroup.com | 877-763-3240Product: Alpega TMSPlatform: Cloud-basedDescription: Connects carriers, customers, and suppliers via one platform to collaboratively manage end-to-end transportation workflows, from planning and optimization through freight settlement. Supports multimode, global networks.AndSoftwww.andsoft.com | 352 24 52 1-413Product: e-TMSPlatform: Licensed to user (installed locally), hosted on the vendor's website, cloud-basedDescription: Encompasses the complete process of transporting goods, from order entry to transfer to accounting, including the planning, dispatching, execution tracking, invoicing, and reporting KPI phases.AR Trafficwww.artraffic.com | 212-736-8565Product: CalcRatePlatform: Licensed to user (installed locally), hosted on the vendor's website, cloud-basedDescription: Allows users to see shipment costs before shipping, consolidate shipments, and perform advanced analytics to visualize and control their freight spend.AscendTMSwww.thefreetms.com | 813-681-5000Product: AscendTMSPlatform: Cloud-basedDescription: Manages any logistics operation for freight shippers, brokers, and trucking companies from small single-person logistics operations to multi-billion-dollar international corporations. 100% free to use for the basic system, requires no downloads or installations, is mobile certified, and provides full enterprise-level TMS features.Blue Yonderwww.blueyonder.com | 833-532-4764Product: Luminate LogisticsPlatform: Cloud-basedDescription: Transforms transportation operations by managing both inbound and outbound, and integrating supplier and carrier collaboration tools.BluJay Solutionswww.blujaysolutions.com | 866-584-7280Product: Transportation Management SoftwarePlatform: Licensed to user (installed locally), cloud-basedDescription: Provides process automation and collaboration in a single workflow for freight moves across all modes.Blume Globalwww.blumeglobal.com | 510-844-3000Product: Blume VisibilityPlatform: Cloud-basedDescription: Combines TMS features with a global trade management system and real-time tracking to provide end-to-end logistics data.CargoSmartwww.cargosmart.ai | 408-325-760Product: CargoSmart Transportation ManagementPlatform: Hosted on the vendor's website, cloud-basedDescription: Provides global shipment management solutions for collaboration, visibility, and predictive insights that leverage artificial intelligence and IoT to optimize supply chain planning and operations.Carrier Logisticswww.carrierlogistics.com | 914-332-0300Product: FACTS: TMSPlatform: Licensed to user (installed locally), hosted on the vendor's website, cloud-basedDescription: Helps manage dispatching, freight bill entry, mobile communications, call logging, general ledger, and Internet tracing.CDM Software Solutionswww.s-c-technology.com | 972-469-3082Product: CDM Web FreightPlatform: Hosted on the vendor's website, cloud-basedDescription: Includes agent data exchange, a drag-and-drop document manager, global shipment compliance, and customer tracking at the shipment and commodity level.Cheetah Software Systemswww.cheetah.com | 805-373-7111Product: Cheetah LOOPPlatform: Hosted on the vendor's website, cloud-basedDescription: Allows users to build and dispatch optimized route plans. Plans around all variables and constraints, providing users with the ability to assess impact and analyze route alternatives.ClearDestinationwww.cleardestination.com | 866-498-4491Product: Delivery Management SolutionPlatform: Licensed to user (installed locally), cloud-basedDescription: Features end-to-end delivery management solutions for manufacturers, retailers, and carriers.ClearTrackwww.cleartrack.com | 877-377-4400Product: Clarity Shipment & Order VisibilityPlatform: Hosted on the vendor's website, cloud-basedDescription: Allows manufacturers, brands, and retailers to track goods, orders, and shipments from origin to destination anywhere in the world with geomaps, dashboards, and business analytics.Clearview Auditwww.clearviewaudit.com | 855-737-3444Product: TMSPlatform: Cloud-basedDescription: Provides real-time control over freight carriers in one portal, accessible online from all client-designated users.Command Alkonwww.commandalkon.com | 800-624-1872Product: HaulItPlatform: Licensed to user (installed locally)Description: Integrates logistics with sales to streamline quoting, dispatch, and billing for transportation management; matches needs to available trucks; and dispatches instructions to cab.CT Logisticswww.ctlogistics.com | 216-267-2000Product: FreitRaterPlatform: Licensed to user (installed locally), hosted on the vendor's website, cloud-basedDescription: Provides global freight quotes from multiple carriers in all modes, least-cost analysis, automated shipment execution, real-time status information reporting, and searching and data mining.CTSI-Globalwww.ctsi-global.com | 888-836-5135Product: TMSPlatform: Hosted on the vendor's website, cloud-basedDescription: Empowers U.S. and global shippers and 3PLs to plan and execute transportation and fully integrate with CTSI-Global's freight audit and payment, business intelligence, and managed services.Descartes Systems Groupwww.descartes.com | 800-419-8495Product: Descartes Transportation | ManagementPlatform: Licensed to user (installed locally), cloud-basedDescription: Modular solution with standard and advanced functionality for transportation operations of any size. Leverages the Descartes Global Logistics Network to connect carriers and trading partners.Echo Global Logisticswww.echo.com | 800-354-7993Product: EchoTMSPlatform: Cloud-basedDescription: Leverages AI, machine learning, and load-matching algorithms to create a flexible and effective system for shippers, carriers, and managed transportation clients.Elemicawww.elemica.com | 770-241-3950Product: Elemica MOVEPlatform: Cloud-basedDescription: An inbound and outbound logistics automation suite of products. Users can connect to and collaborate with logistics service providers for logistics execution, visibility, site logistics, and freight cost management.Fortigowww.fortigo.com | 512-372-8884Product: TMS & Freight Audit SoftwarePlatform: Cloud-basedDescription: Provides an on-demand TMS, freight audit, and vendor portal solution. Products are based on a carrier-neutral platform.Freightgatewww.freightgate.net | 714-799-2833Product: FreightgatePlatform: Cloud-basedDescription: Offers supply chain collaboration and visibility, interactive online sailing schedules, multimodal and multifactor routing, quote management, regulatory compliance, and automated e-invoice audits.Freightviewwww.freightview.com | 913-353-6188Product: FreightviewPlatform: Hosted on the vendor's website, cloud-basedDescription: Helps small and mid-sized businesses streamline quoting, booking, tracking, and reporting for LTL shipments. Supports multiple users and API access.GlobalTranzwww.globaltranz.com | 866-275-1407Product: GTZconnect TMSPlatform: Cloud-basedDescription: Features an enterprise TMS for shippers, 3PLs, and carriers. Provides multimode rating, routing, optimization, and visibility with asset/carrier management, predictive analytics, integration, and freight pay and audit.GTG Technology Groupwww.gtgtechnologygroup.com | 281-826-5750Product: Intermodal Management System & ExtensionsPlatform: Cloud-basedDescription: Manages global transportation management systems for intermodal, brokerage, and drayage transportation companies of all sizes. All-inclusive software including EDI, document imaging, and integrated accounting.Havenwww.haveninc.com | 888-838-3868Product: Haven TMSPlatform: Cloud-basedDescription: Provides singular shipping capabilities with one platform that includes booking, tracking, data analysis, and payment to allow global shipping teams to work more efficiently and reduce costs.HighJumpwww.mile.com | 800-776-6706Product: TMS SolutionsPlatform: Licensed to user (installed locally), hosted on the vendor's website, cloud-basedDescription: Offers a single platform for transportation and logistics management for truckload carriers, freight brokers, and outsourced logistics providers.Highway 905www.highway905.com | 908-874-4867Product: Highway 905 Transportation Management SystemPlatform: Cloud-basedDescription: Allows shippers to optimize transportation costs with flexible freight rate management and audit, smarter carrier selection, and efficient load consolidations.Inforwww.infor.com | 646-336-1700Product: Network Transportation | ManagementPlatform: Cloud-basedDescription: Control tower orchestration provides multimodal transportation visibility and synchronized, multiparty, multileg planning, in addition to freight procurement and optimized, automated execution.Intellect Technologieswww.intellecttech.com | 609-454-3170Product: Intellect eFreightPlatform: Licensed to user (installed locally), hosted on the vendor's website, cloud-basedDescription: Manages shipping and logistics operations securely and profitably. Covers ocean, air, and ground modes, and can be implemented regionally or globally.IntelliTranswww.intellitrans.com | 800-551-8815Product: IntelliTrans TMSPlatform: Hosted on the vendor's website, cloud-basedDescription: Provides complete operational and analytical capabilities and visibility, and integrates with TransCore's fixed and handheld readers.LeanCor Supply Chain Groupwww.leancor.com | 859-283-9933Product: TMSPlatform: Cloud-basedDescription: Connects into any material requirements planning system through API connections to give planners, receiving teams, shipping teams, and customers real-time visibility.Logilitywww.logility.com | 800-762-5207Product: Logility Voyager SolutionsPlatform: Licensed to user (installed locally), cloud-basedDescription: Automates multimodal shipment planning, execution, and freight accounting. Supports automated, unattended operation by monitoring activities with real-time alerts. Analyzes productivity using KPIs to deliver reports.Logistix Solutionswww.logistixsolutions.com | 571-426-5951Product: LogixPlatform: Licensed to user (installed locally)Description: Incorporates robust transportation planning and distribution network optimization for freight management routing and scheduling, LTL shipment consolidation, load optimization, mode selection, backhaul optimization, and driver/vehicle scheduling.Logistyx Technologieswww.logistyx.com | 847-884-1940Product: Logistyx TMEPlatform: Licensed to user (installed locally), cloud-basedDescription: Combines advanced business intelligence and a global network of more than 8,500 carrier services to enable on-time delivery and increase revenue per shipment.Made4netwww.made4net.com | 800-M4N-1041Product: SCExpert PlatformPlatform: Licensed to user (installed locally), cloud-basedDescription: Includes a suite of integrated warehousing and transportation modules that can be individually deployed, modified, or combined as needed based on business requirements.Manhattan Associateswww.manh.com | 770-955-7070Product: TMSPlatform: Cloud-basedDescription: Improves carrier collaboration and connectivity, delivering network-wide visibility to enable strategic and operational planning, execution, and real-time route adjustments to improve efficiencies.MercuryGatewww.mercurygate.com | 919-469-8057Product: TMSPlatform: Licensed to user (installed locally), hosted on the vendor's website, cloud-basedDescription: Manages all stages of the transportation life cycle—planning, selling, execution, and settlement.Navegatewww.navegate.com | 800-944-2471Product: NavegatePlatform: Cloud-basedDescription: Includes a software platform for supply chain, logistics, customs, transportation, and vendor management. Provides API and full customer integration and customization.Next Generation Logisticswww.nextgeneration.com | 847-963-0007Product: Dynamics TMSPlatform: Licensed to user (installed locally), hosted on the vendor's website, cloud-basedDescription: Enables effective and efficient transportation decisions through a complete enterprise transportation management planning and execution suite.Nulogxwww.nulogx.com | 905-486-1162Product: TMSOPlatform: Licensed to user (installed locally), hosted on the vendor's website, cloud-basedDescription: Supports all the activities necessary to manage and execute the full life cycle of the transportation process.One Network Enterpriseswww.onenetwork.com | 866-302-1936Product: Intelligent LogisticsPlatform: Hosted on the vendor's website, cloud-basedDescription: Covers the full life cycle of transportation processes, including procurement, contracting, shipment planning, execution and tracking, yard management, appointment scheduling, and financial/claims settlement.Optimize Worldwide Transportation Solutionswww.meadowlarkcompanies.com | 406-237-0852Product: OPTIMIZEPlatform: Cloud-basedDescription: Provides an end-to-end solution for domestic and international logistics. Analyzes the supply chain for savings, boosts efficiency, and cuts waste to optimize each shipment.Optymwww.axele.com | 833-462-9353Product: AxelePlatform: Cloud-basedDescription: Optimizes truckload operations with a software platform that eases decision-making about trip plans and load selection, plus a mobile app that streamlines communication.Oraclewww.oracle.com | 800-633-0738Product: Transportation Management CloudPlatform: Cloud-basedDescription: Manages all transportation activity throughout global supply chains. Supports shippers and 3PLs, and applies to basic transportation needs and/or highly complex logistics requirements.Paragon Software Systemswww.paragontruckrouting.com | 972-731-4308Product: Routing and Scheduling SoftwarePlatform: Licensed to user (installed locally)Description: Improves the efficiency of route planning by maximizing the use of all drivers and vehicles, reducing fuel costs, and improving the accuracy of ETAs.Pierbridgewww.pierbridge.com | 508-630-1220Product: Transtream Multicarrier Management SolutionPlatform: Cloud-basedDescription: One platform automates rating, shipping, and tracking for all major parcel, LTL, and local carriers in warehouse, store, shopping cart, and office environments.Port TMSwww.porttms.com | 877-767-8867Product: Port TMSPlatform: Cloud-basedDescription: Improves automation of carrier management and document transactions, streamlines workflow with visibility, and eliminates mistakes with digital double-check.Princeton TMXwww.princetontmx.com | 800-435-4691Product: Transportation Management SoftwarePlatform: Hosted on the vendor's website, cloud-basedDescription: Provides tools to improve efficiency, freight spend, load-planning execution, and settlement, as well as optimize carrier selection.ProShipwww.proshipinc.com | 800-353-7774Product: Transtream Parcel TMSPlatform: Licensed to user (installed locally), cloud-basedDescription: Handles shipping automation, advanced rating, tracking, and business rule processing to reduce costs per shipment at increased scale of performance.QAD Precisionwww.precisionsoftware.com | 312-239-1630Product: International Shipment Execution and Global Trade ManagementPlatform: Licensed to user (installed locally), hosted on the vendor's website, cloud-basedDescription: Streamlines shipment execution, automates business processes, and handles freight payments. Allows users to rate, route, produce labels, and manage service levels for any shipment mode.Quad Expresswww.shipquadexpress.com | 323-336-6700Product: Silver ExpressPlatform: Hosted on the vendor's website Description: Provides web-based access to domestic LTL, PTL, truckload, intermodal, domestic and international air and ocean rates, EDI booking, shipment tracking, custom reports, and more.Ramco Logistics Softwarewww.ramco.com | 609-620-4800Product: Logistics ERPPlatform: Licensed to user (installed locally), cloud-basedDescription: Works across a multimodal transport network and manages all key processes covering shipment order management, planning, execution, documentation, and billing.RateLinxwww.ratelinx.com | 262-565-6150Product: ShipLinxPlatform: Cloud-basedDescription: Allows optimization, reporting, and visibility across all carriers and modes with advanced rate modeling, business rules, a freight marketplace, and small-parcel compliance.Revenovawww.revenova.com | 312-319-5413Product: RevenovaTMSPlatform: Cloud-basedDescription: A CRM-powered multimodal TMS all the way through to accounting, built entirely on the Salesforce.com platform. Fully integrated customer and carrier portals.SaaS Transportationweb.saastransportation.com | 844-722-7763Product: e-Transportation TMS SoftwarePlatform: Hosted on the vendor's website, cloud-basedDescription: Features a TMS developed around API and EDI, allowing for easy connectivity to hundreds of carriers.SAPwww.sap.com | 800-872-1727Product: SAP Transportation ManagementPlatform: Hosted on the vendor's website, cloud-basedDescription: Enables users to manage all inbound and outbound domestic and international freight in the same environment, and provides traceability and visibility of orders, shipments, items, and logistics processes.ShippersEdge TMSwww.shippersedgetms.com | 952-777-4421Product: Transportation Management SystemPlatform: Cloud-basedDescription: Provides an affordable and capable solution for small to mid-sized businesses.Tecsyswww.tecsys.com | 800-922-8649Product: TMSPlatform: Licensed to user (installed locally), cloud-basedDescription: Features transportation planning and execution software suitable to common carrier shipments or proprietary courier fleets.TMC (a division of C.H. Robinson)www.mytmc.com | 866-331-2435Product: NavispherePlatform: Cloud-basedDescription: A single-instance technology platform that serves all modes and regions. Provides global visibility, mode/route optimization, shipment tender, freight payment, language/currency capabilities, and business intelligence.Transporeonwww.transporeon.com | 267-281-1555Product: TransporeonPlatform: Cloud-basedDescription: Offers a global collaborative platform for supply chain communication. Allows shipments to be automatically based on predefined guidelines or based on spot market assignment.Transportation Insightwww.transportationinsight.com | 828-485-5000Product: Insight TMSPlatform: Cloud-basedDescription: Blended proprietary and commercial platform offers order, mode, route, and carrier optimization; shipment rating, execution, and tracking; and process automation.TransportGisticswww.transportgistics.com | 631-567-4100Product: TGI:TMSPlatform: Licensed to user (installed locally), hosted on the vendor's website, cloud-basedDescription: Provides simple, incremental solutions to improve, monitor, and enforce compliance among partners. Reduces, uncovers, and avoids excessive costs through planning, execution, and analytics.TransTelligencewww.transtelligence.com | 513-770-1102Product: ViaTMSPlatform: Cloud-basedDescription: Provides customized systems, system integration, and strategic consulting for 3PLs.Trimble Transportationwww.transportation.trimble.com | 866-920-5174Product: TMW.Suite, TruckMate, Access Platform: Licensed to user (installed locally), hosted on the vendor's website, cloud-basedDescription: Provides real-time visibility and control of every operational area and process.UltraShipTMSwww.ultrashiptms.com | 800-731-7512Product: UltraShipTMSPlatform: Cloud-basedDescription: Features a single-source solution for transportation and private fleet management, optimization, scheduling, and settlement for high-volume shippers in food production, packaging, manufacturing, retail, and other industries.UROUTEwww.uroute.netProduct: UROUTEPlatform: Cloud-basedDescription: Features procurement, visibility, bill audit, dynamic reports, multifacility scalability, and carrier-driver management functions.Web Integrated Networkwww.gowithwin.com | 855-946-4739Product: Web Integrated Network (WIN)Platform: Cloud-basedDescription: A cost-effective, web-based transportation management system that puts users in total control of their North American shipping operations.Zero Downwww.zdscs.com | 800-785-7959Product: TMSPlatform: Cloud-basedDescription: Features parcel and freight transportation management systems that allow users to obtain quotes from carriers and initiate and track shipments with one login.
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