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20 feet container transport to the United States probably how many money?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-11
In the international logistics cost composition is complicated, we may not be able to directly give a 20 feet of the prices in the United States, because conditions there are many factors affecting his price. Such as your destination in the United States which part of the city, is in the east or the west, whether as a port city, is that you receive the location of the goods for container dock, where is your place city? And so on, these are the costs of the final changes. And in parts of the sea freight, shipping companies are generally every half month sea freight prices, poll of 13 - in a month About 14, 28 - end of the month 30 announced around the next cycle of freight costs change, sometimes at the end of the year and the beginning of the sea freight difference can reach thousands of dollars, and the beginning of the end of the freight difference between a few hundred dollars also belong to normal, so international logistics offer basic accounting according to the actual situation, the following are some of the major projects of freight business accounting, you can reference! 1, the packing of the goods, Depends on how much you goods packaging requirements) 2, the goods shipped, ( The goods depends on your shipping address, far and near distance port) 3, the customs clearance fee, The cost of this item is usually fixed costs) 4, port of shipment of the goods inspection, The customs spot check, to check the strength decide how much to charge, can also according to you the goods cubic number is larger fluctuations) 5, port of shipment, port handling, General also become THC, actually contains the collection of the goods, port security, documents, seal, telex release of b/l, and so on 10 several fees) 6, cargo ocean freight, The shipping company charge the port of shipment to the port of destination ship freight, actually this part costs accounted for the proportion of the total cost is not high) 7, the miscellaneous expenses of the port of destination, General also become the port of destination THC, contains the port of destination port of discharge, port security, documents, change single, etc. ) 8, the port of destination customs inspection fee, For project cost for the possible cost, some countries will check such as Australia, new, some countries for the spot check, such as the United States, plus, specific to the actual charge) 9, the port of destination service, ( Actually this part in the whole process of transportation fees accounted for almost half of the total expense, some countries even more than half, contains the clearance fee, container shipping in towing, discharging remove garbage fee) More than just simple column took regular expenses, because the actual situation of every ticket goods may also contain different, heavy handling fee ( Such as piano) , remote handling fee ( Because of the truck can't close to the customer at home) And pour goods fee ( Dock container unable to customer home) And so on, have to make a judgment according to the actual situation.
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