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Xu Lirong: Grasp the trend of digital development

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-07-30
The sudden new crown epidemic has completely disrupted the normal rhythm of world economic and social life. With the outbreak of the epidemic in Europe, many European countries have adopted measures such as closing borders. What impact has the new crown pneumonia epidemic caused on the international logistics supply chain and shipping industry? What changes will occur in the global supply chain and how to respond? Xu Lirong, deputy to the National People's Congress and chairman of China COSCO Shipping Group Co., Ltd., gave the following answer.

Shipping logistics companies connect the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, are the main force in the transportation of important materials, and are responsible for opening up the logistics lifeline for the industrial chain. Xu Lirong believes that the new crown epidemic has brought an impact on the normal operation of the global supply chain, but it has also promoted the development of digital technology and innovative models, and has brought some new characteristics to the development of the global supply chain. These new features are the staged and partial optimization of the global industrial chain supply chain. The long-term development trend of globalization has not changed. Overall, there will be the following changes:

The regional characteristics of the supply chain will be strengthened. The general trend of openness and cooperation in the global supply chain will not change, but the partial pattern of the supply chain will be more optimized, and the characteristics of regional division of labor will become more obvious in the future.

Countries pay more attention to the balance of supply chains. In order to maintain the stability of the supply chain, countries will pay more attention to manufacturing capabilities and develop towards the high end of the industrial chain.

Digitalization continues to deepen the penetration of the supply chain. Online office, e-commerce, big data logistics and other technologies have played an important role in this epidemic and have been rapidly developed. The penetration of digitalization in traditional industries including shipping and logistics is also accelerating.

COSCO SHIPPING will grasp the trend of digital development

Promote the digital transformation and upgrading of the shipping industry

This government work report once again emphasized the support for 'new infrastructure' such as 5G, artificial intelligence, industrial Internet, and Internet of Things.

Affected by the epidemic, online office and network operations have become the first choice of many companies. COSCO SHIPPING quickly launched remote collaborative office, promoted the iterative update of online services, and provided customers with 'unseen logistics'.

It is reported that during the epidemic, pan-Asian e-commerce, logistics e-commerce, and IRIS4 under COSCO SHIPPING have played an active role and their business has grown rapidly.

Recently, COSCO SHIPPING is launching the online live broadcast of boutique routes 'carrying goods'. On May 28th, several line managers of COSCO SHIPPING Lines will bring several high-quality routes and explosive products on its e-commerce platform Syncon Hub to the live broadcast room.

Syncon Hub is a visual shipping e-commerce platform launched by COSCO Shipping Lines in 2019, providing customers with full-process online integrated logistics solutions. Register as a Syncon Hub member, you can book online with one click.

On May 11, COSCO SHIPPING's 5G terminal's unmanned vehicle control completed its first test at Xiamen Ocean Terminal. In addition to realizing automated driving of container trucks through 5G technology, Xiamen Yuanhai Terminal has also applied 5G technology to specific business scenarios such as port machinery remote control, smart tally, and smart security, realizing smart empowerment for all port scenarios.

According to reports, COSCO SHIPPING will seize the opportunity to follow the trend of digitalization and intelligence in the shipping field, increase research on digital shipping, accelerate the research and development of 'online services', promote the further integration of 'online' and 'offline', and promote customer service We will actively develop the digital economy and promote smart shipping, smart ports, smart logistics, and smart manufacturing to continuously make new breakthroughs. (Reporter Yang Jin)
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