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Tianjin Airport Cargo: Faster 'passenger to cargo' flights

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-07-16
Conveyor car plus passenger car combination

As the demand for anti-epidemic materials in countries around the world continues to increase, the number of international anti-epidemic cargo freight charters at Tianjin Airport has increased significantly. There are many Airbus and Boeing series of 'customer to cargo' models, which need to carry the shoulder-carrying goods to the ground. The guarantee brings more difficulty and pressure than expected.

In order to effectively improve the efficiency of cargo loading and reduce the pressure of on-site support, Tianjin Airport Freight Company actively innovated in the 'passenger-to-cargo' flight support, constantly adjusted the support mode, and maximized the support efficiency while ensuring operational safety.

'Artifact' for Carrying Goods-Carpet

Slide into the cabin

Cargo moving fast

In the 'passenger to cargo' flight protection, the biggest problem is the cabin loading. The aisle in the passenger cabin is long and narrow, and it takes a lot of loading and unloading personnel to carry it during loading, which is time-consuming and laborious. In order to solve this problem, Tianjin Airport Freight Company purchased the transmission 'artifact'-the sliding blanket. Sliding blanket is a kind of carpet-like flexible device with rolling balls that can be laid on the floor of the passenger cabin. After the goods are put on, they can be pushed forward gently. The use of the slider makes the cargo 'run' easily in the cabin, which effectively improves the guarantee efficiency, saves the physical strength of the loading and unloading personnel, and saves the operation time, which is time-saving, labor-saving, safe and efficient. With the blanket, Tianjin Airport Freight Company can invest 3 to 5 fewer loading and unloading personnel in each passenger-to-cargo charter guarantee, saving more than 1 hour of operation time.

Vehicle Relay Combination

Handling efficiency is further improved

In addition to the use of sliding blankets in the passenger cabin, Tianjin Airport Cargo Co., Ltd. has also made every effort to find a good way to improve the efficiency of the cargo from the apron to the passenger hatch. Initially, this link required loading and unloading personnel to stand on the first step of the passenger elevator from the apron to the passenger hatch, passing the cargo into the passenger cabin one by one. With the increase in the number of 'passenger to cargo' flights, Tianjin Airport Cargo Company realized that this guarantee model not only required a lot of manpower, but also was very inefficient. To this end, with the support of the relevant departments of the airport, the freight company actively optimizes the guarantee mode, using a combination of conveyor belt car and passenger elevator to transport, that is, using the conveyor belt car that originally transported luggage to the abdominal compartment to carry the goods to the passenger elevator The middle height of the car, thus shortening the manpower transmission distance by half. At the same time, freight companies sort out related risk points in advance, formulate preventive measures, arrange personnel to supervise related operations throughout the process, and steadily improve the efficiency of guarantees on the premise of ensuring safety.

Work ladder

Safely break through the bottleneck

In order to break through the bottleneck of insufficient special vehicle equipment during peak hours, Tianjin Airport Freight Company organized relevant front-line support personnel to use their brains to find ways to overcome this difficulty. After discussion, the freight company decided to make a working ladder to replace the passenger elevator. After the plan was determined, the relevant personnel carried out on-site measurements many times, repeatedly revised the design drawings, and made small samples. After repeatedly testing the safety and effectiveness of the data, they finally worked overtime to make a work ladder. After a lot of testing, the newly-raised work ladder began to be used for multiple 'passenger to cargo' flight guarantees. Because it is 'tailor-made', the working ladder is more convenient and effective than the passenger elevator when it is used, which effectively improves the efficiency of flight protection.

At present, Tianjin Airport Freight Company is still facing the dual pressure of production guarantee and epidemic prevention and control. In the future flight guarantee process, the freight company will maximize the integration of resources, optimize the guarantee chain, break the bottleneck of low transportation efficiency, and fully address the new challenges of transportation guarantee during the epidemic prevention period. This will provide further development of China's aviation logistics industry and international anti-epidemic Provide efficient and high-quality ground support services.
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