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Three minutes to teach you what is the process

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-09-05
The so-called less-than-carload logistics refers to the logistics transportation in which the weight or volume of the consignment of goods is not enough to carry a truck of goods during the transportation of goods. To put it simply, when the weight or volume of a batch of goods is less than one car, it can be transported in the same car with other batches or even dozens of batches, which is called LTL cargo transportation.

In order to overcome the shortcomings that LTL logistics needs to wait a long time to gather a whole truck of goods, it takes a long time, which seriously affects the timeliness, LTL logistics uses the flexible transportation method of road freight to carry out door-to-door services, which effectively saves Transportation time has improved transportation efficiency, and LTL transportation also occupies an important position in the logistics market. In fact, the LTL transportation process is not significantly different from the basic processes of other modes of transportation, including specific processes such as delivery, transportation, and cargo handover. The only significant difference is the need for transit, so what are the basic processes of LTL transportation?

The basic process of road less-than-carload cargo transportation is: receipt of business outlets-central warehouse area concentration and sorting-special line direction picking and loading-special line transportation-arrival at each transfer station-further sorting-storage of goods or secondary transportation-customer pickup Goods or home delivery.

1. Consignment. To entrust LTL transportation, you need to fill in the LTL cargo transportation order, the waybill must be clearly filled out, and all types of insurance purchased need to be explained in detail, and the seal will take effect after both parties agree.

2. Carriage. Good logistics companies cannot refuse goods that meet the transportation requirements. They basically implement door-to-door services, but they have to charge door-to-door delivery fees.

3. Delivery of goods. Every step in the cargo handover process should strictly implement the cargo delivery and delivery procedures. The departure station should sign the handover list for direct transfer, and the single shipment should be the same.

4. Goods transit. It is best to transport directly as much as possible. If a transit is necessary, the route should be reasonable, and the transit station will give priority to the delivery of transit goods.

5. Delivery of the goods. The arrival notice is issued in time, and the consignee picks up the goods against the bill of lading and stamps it on the bill of lading.
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