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The solution to the international logistics to avoid trouble

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-10
Logistics, after all, are not little things, often in the process of logistics will be a lot of things happen, should be cautious, but the strain is unnecessary. Once appear such and such a problem, what should I do? VIPU international share with you some international logistics Supply Chain solution and prevention methods and matters needing attention, hope to be able to really help to you. Each family logistics, after all, are not little things, if you want to move the smooth of the nature is a very happy thing, but in the process of logistics tend to have a lot of things happen, once appear such a problem? The following simple said some treatment methods for you: ( A) How to save the logistics cost? To save the logistics cost, must first select normal logistics lp, don't put small advertisements find street logistics lp, lest be black. Can seek advice in advance 2 ~ 3 home, choose a better logistics lp has certain popularity or reputation. Secondly to prepare, lest because of their causes the waste of time or money. ( 2) How to save the time of logistics? To save the time of logistics and the preparatory work first to fully, to collect all the odds and into or packaging box, rectify. Second, can ask logistics to send more staff. Finally, to arrange time and schedule, miss peak traffic jam and traffic routes. ( 3) How logistics is the most worry? To avoid the fanfare of logistics, is the best way to sell all the old furniture and unnecessary everyday items, in the new home to buy a set of furniture. Although this approach has some luxury, but will give you a new feeling. ( 4) Often need to logistics? Some families need frequent logistics for some reason. For this kind of family, had better avoid to buy some big furniture, but as far as possible with the landlord to provide equipment. Logistics is best not to throw away the used paper box, arrange another time to use again. It is best not to reserve some long-term services, such as do, milk and other services, so that you can avoid a lot of trouble. ( 5) How to avoid collision items? Must to the logistics personnel to indicate which box or the items belong to the protection, possible to add on the box marked identity or the clues; Some fragile items or valuable items best handling; Personally oversee big move put household appliances; Some heavy or bulky furniture ( Such as cabinet, piano, etc. ) Should get a few more workers carrying, and someone beside the command; Fragile items or be afraid of pressure should be placed on the top, the loading, the first discharge; Some of the old building corridor is long and narrow, and often a cluttered, be careful not to encounter things in the neighborhood.
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