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The method of reasonable cost control for cross-border

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-08-18
Buyers will be more inclined to products shipped by Amazon FBA, and sellers who choose FBA will increase their cost, and the cost will naturally be calculated into the price of the product. Whether the logistics route can be reasonably optimized has also become the key to product pricing. One link, and then affect sales. Many sellers may have encountered a similar situation. Other sellers of the same product suddenly lowered their prices, and the price dropped sharply. Moreover, it is not the kind of activity that can last for a long period of time. This is not the case. Losing money in exchange for orders is likely to optimize logistics channels.
Regarding the FBA logistics route, there are still many choices. We can choose according to our own situation, and then lower the product price to win the price war.

1. Basic requirements Freight forwarding companies don’t have to look at the size of the plan, but what they can do. Large companies also have dissatisfaction, and small companies also have loyal customers. After all, you have to compare more services and prices, especially whether there are foreign countries. For customs clearance capabilities, Amazon does not provide any customs clearance cooperation. Don't be lucky. Once seized by foreign customs, the goods will face the danger of being destroyed or returned.
2. Logistics channels are generally divided into three categories
①World Express, the most commonly used and most useful logistics route for most sellers, and of course the most expensive. It is more suitable for new products to try market response, and the shipment volume is relatively small; perhaps the product itself is small, and the price can be delivered with the same weight. Large number of conditions
②Air delivery, the price is relatively affordable and it has a certain time limit. Because it is flying to the sky, the goods cannot violate the requirements of aviation and import and export. If the one-time shipment is large enough, it can better control the logistics cost. The sales of the products are good, and they are selected under larger conditions.
③Haijiapai can choose local express delivery and truck delivery after landing. Amazon picks up truck delivery and warehouse warehousing. Different delivery methods have their own advantages and disadvantages.
Local express delivery: faster storage and shelf delivery; truck delivery: use a freight forwarding company to make an appointment for truck delivery. Merely making an appointment is not easy to grasp, which may result in delays in warehousing and other expenses; Amazon self-pickup trucks: sellers make reservations for Amazon trucks by themselves To mention, it is efficient and affordable; Whole warehouse storage: After the request is required, it will be loaded and delivered to the warehouse, otherwise it may be rejected by Amazon.
As for the choice of logistics, the seller must know it well. After the sales increase, they may encounter the peak season of the product, and send FBA into the warehouse early by sea. As for the method of warehouse storage after arrival, it depends on the number of goods and the efficiency. And the price issue. Logistics is a very important point for e-commerce, and it is even more important for cross-border e-commerce. Originally, Chinese sellers who are Amazon will have to pay an extra fee for sending goods abroad. If this aspect can be optimized, it will undoubtedly be able to Make products more competitive.
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