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The importance of international logistics of goods transport insurance

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-09
Maersk hao south round container ship last month there was a big fire accident, maersk line announced that general average, then that means the goods on board survived must pay for damaged ships, tugboats, clean up, part of the legal settlement fees, so VIPU Supply Chain small make up remind customers of international logistics, the importance of appropriate investment insurance for their items. By law, all shipping companies have a duty to provide minimum levels of insurance, but the coverage is limited. Small make up, said the general advice to clients is to purchase additional insurance to protect themselves from the effects of the worst. As the shipper, the customer can purchase additional insurance, and often best to further protect their products and reduce the loss. Considering the natural conditions of uncertainty, it is a worthwhile investment. Because can buy insurance on the goods in the process of storage and transportation to ensure the safety of the goods, until the goods arrived safely buyers. Reference maersk gallant south wheel example, even in the fire. Two weeks later, still not confirmed by maersk ship will eventually to which port, when the goods to unload. In this case, the freight insurance not only financially beneficial to the transport process, but also in the logistics, for customers with insurance, submit an insurance claim will help speed up the distribution process of the goods. At the same time, the claim is usually faster processing by insurance company, because there is no insurance, the shipper may leave any debt related to the carrier, including maersk since announced that general average all part of the loss and damage. Small make up to summarize: no insurance of the goods, your goods are likely to be hostage to pay for these expenses. Say simply, without insurance, you can only get nothing or do nothing. VIPU Supply Chain there are two kinds of international insurance can choose, one is the maritime transportation insurance, insurance is a risk of maritime transport, such as by container ship, as a result of natural disasters and other force majeure cause loss of the goods, we the default is to send you this kind of insurance. And there's a door to door insurance, insurance pack from door to door delivery to your destination the whole risks such as the damage to the goods in the home, the insurance is by the insurance company accept insurance, the premium is charged at 3% of the insured value. From door to door insurance charge standard is $100, corresponding to the total insured for 3333 dollars.
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