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The FBA empty pie VS Shanghai limitation and price comparison _VIPUTRANS

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-06-28
FBA empty pie is in the United States use international air freight delivery to door service, and the United States FBA Shanghai style is the same, the international maritime transport to the port after the clearance processing and delivery to the door, they are the difference between the two is aging and price comparison, today small make up to lead everyone know about the aging U. S. FBA empty pie and Shanghai style and price comparison. America FBA Shanghai compared with empty pie FBA empty pie aging fast from Shanghai direct flight to the United States is about five days or so, as the goods need to transfer a going to 7 - sometimes 9 working days or so, the price can be much more expensive than the FBA Shanghai style. FBA Shanghai has the highest cost performance in the United States, but the FBA Shanghai mei sen clippers limitation to slower than us FBA empty send in 2 weeks or so, Shanghai slow boat will be more. In terms of price, the price of the FBA Shanghai the clippers is equivalent to an empty sent 40% of the price, the price of the slow boat is empty of about 30%. Mason clippers advantage, in addition to each voyage is faster, is its own beauty, wharf, in Los Angeles, and use other ship company is a public pier, when in the peak season of shipping port of discharge time for up to a week or so, and mei sen port can mention ark, one to two days after the advantage is obvious during the peak season, many trade companies will give special attention to the departure time of the beauty, the clippers and cutter storehouse of time! Everyone knows the FBA Shanghai transportation is cheaper, but also be more fun, by the businessman FBA Shanghai complaint things happened more, because of aging was delay, because of the breakage of the products, and so on, so a lot of cross-border sellers or is the FBA sellers think the FBA Shanghai is not stable, did not dare to use the FBA Shanghai style products. Essentially America FBA empty pie and FBA Shanghai will have their own advantages and disadvantages, the FBA sellers also can choose according to the essence of the transport channels, VIPUTRANS international logistics company is only for reference opinion oh, FBA empty pie in the United States and the United States FBA Shanghai transport events fairly serious back to each customer.
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