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Price calculation of bulk cargo LCL freight-Air transport knowledge

by:VIPUTRANS     2019-12-29
Abstract: the calculation method of bulk cargo LCL sea freight is divided into two categories: Customs supervision warehouse (Outbound warehouse, Jin Yunda) , Mainly for customers who can provide customs declaration information, VIPUTRANS Logistics, which is in line with one-way or self-operated tax refund or large volume of goods, has established VIPUTRANS College since the beginning of the course, VIPUTRANS College has been aiming at learning, training and growing itself, taking the education of professional VIPUTRANS talents as the responsibility, VIPUTRANS is constantly expanding itself and cultivating professional logistics service talents. This class has taught professional quotations such as bulk cargo LCL and bulk cargo LCL, and price quotations for bulk cargo LCL. We are the first choice to understand what bulk cargo shipping is? Bulk cargo shipping refers to the bulk cargo shipping LCL business opened for cost savings when the customer's shipment is not enough to load a container; The carrier is responsible for collecting the goods on each route in the market and then assembling them into a container. The customer specifies the destination port for delivery. After arriving at the port, the carrier is responsible for dismantling the containers and the customer picks up the goods in the designated warehouse. For container shipping, air transportation and express delivery, the cost of bulk cargo is low, which can help the factory save the cost and also transfer the transportation cost to the consignee for payment. 1. The calculation method of bulk cargo LCL sea freight is used, divided into two major types of customs supervision warehouse (Outbound warehouse, Jin Yunda) , Mainly for customers who can provide customs declaration information, in line with OneTouch or self-operated tax refund or large customers with partial cargo volume; Billing unit: 1CBM = 1000, general destination port 1CBM = 363, US inland point 2. One-stop warehouse, mainly for customers who pay the bill, less than 5CBM/4000, need commodity inspection, and have Miscellaneous names, or it is difficult to supervise the warehouse during peak seasons; Billing unit: 1CBM = 500 KG, ordinary destination port 1CBM = 1000 KG, the destination port 1CBM = 363KG with negative sea freight, can go through cost accounting and shipping schedule inquiry, choose a more appropriate shipping plan, please contact us for details. 2. Precautions 1. Consult the price of bulk cargo LCL. The following relevant information is required: port of destination, name of goods, number of pieces, weight, volume, packaging, delivery address, whether there is import and export right or tax refund 2. Details of goods entering the warehouse: bulk LCL goods entering the warehouse are divided into manual loading and unloading and machine loading and unloading; Bulk LCL goods must be packaged and cannot be packed naked; A shipping mark must be attached. If the single piece of bulk cargo LCL exceeds 25kgs, it will not be loaded and unloaded by hand (Shenzhen foreign shipping warehouse special notice); If the total size of the goods is less than 10KGS, more than 100 pieces ( The warehouse will basically charge a certain amount of manual unloading fee, and the body can consult online customer service)It is recommended to make a card board; B, the size and weight of a single piece of goods, a single piece of more than, weight more than 500kgs, please inform C in advance, bulk LCL shipping packaging can not be packed with logs in most places, customs clearance at the destination port is required, and log packaging must provide fumigation certificates at the time of customs clearance. Third, the standard cost of bulk cargo LCL shipping 1, O/F sea freight: different port sea freight is not the same 2, cfs lcl fee :(RT W/M) 3. DOC document fee: BILL of Lading 4. CUF customs declaration fee: 5. Delivery fee: separately confirmed according to different delivery addresses 6. Payment fee: according to different products and whether customers need to pay 7, warehousing registration fee: Paid-in, the specific cost can consult online customer service, if the board or wooden box is charged, it is necessary to add a certain amount of relevant fees. According to the customer's needs, it is necessary to confirm whether it is necessary to pick up the goods at home, pay the bill, etc. 4. Other special national additional fees 1. Taiwan EBS fuel surcharge (Only for foreign shipping warehouses) V. European Union ENS security declaration fee: Declaration 48 hours before sailing VI. Japan AFR warehouse receipt pre-declaration fee, declaration 48 hours before sailing VII. United States, Canada: AMS: declaration 48 hours before sailing 8. US, Canada: DDC this fee can be paid to consult online customer service for details 1. Us ISF: we need to wait for declaration before receiving it. Declaration 72 hours before sailing, if you do not declare, you may be fined USD5000. For details, please consult online customer service. 2. Mexico AMS: declare 48 hours before sailing. 3. Costa Rica AMS: declare 48 hours before sailing.
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