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Praise the express brother into a high-level talent

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-08-02
Recently, a 'post-90s' courier brother in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, became popular on the Internet. After five years in the express delivery industry, he was rated as a high-level talent in Hangzhou City this year. According to the talent introduction measures previously announced by Hangzhou, talents of this level will enjoy a subsidy of 1 million yuan for the purchase of houses. This is undoubtedly a huge affirmation and encouragement for this little courier, and it also makes his dream of setting up a home in Hangzhou within reach.

In the eyes of many people, the work performed by the courier is a kind of 'simple labor' manual work, while the high-level talents are mostly mental workers, who have little contact with manual work. The appraisal of high-level talents by Express Brother is strictly in accordance with the local high-level talent policy, which really refreshes people's understanding of the concept of talent.

According to reports, there are five levels of high-level talents in Hangzhou, followed by top talents at home and abroad, national leaders, provincial leaders, municipal leaders, and senior talents. Category D high-level talents are municipal-level leading talents, including those who have been awarded the title of 'Technical Experts in Zhejiang Province'. This courier boy participated in the Zhejiang Express Vocational Skills Competition, won the first place in the courier project and was awarded the title of 'Zhejiang Technical Expert', which fully meets the 'high-level talent' certification standards.

It is a mirror for expressing brother to become a high-level talent. On the one hand, this breaks the concept of 'only academic qualifications, only professional titles, and only papers'. The identification of talents requires both the 'antenna' and the 'earth gas'. Prior to Hangzhou’s relaxation of the residency policy and lowering the threshold to a junior college degree, the foundation and diversity of talents were taken care of. The new 'Hangzhou High-level Talent Classification Catalog' adds 88 accreditation conditions based on the original domestic and foreign top talents and national-level leading talents, and pays more attention to the subdivisions of social life and industrial development, including news media, express delivery The inclusion of such talents in the classification catalog will undoubtedly inject strong impetus into the promotion of labor and talent flow, and provide more young people with opportunities to struggle and become talents.

On the other hand, this also shows that gold always shines. Three hundred and sixty lines, the best. No matter which profession or position you are in, as long as you do your job with your heart, constantly challenge yourself and break through yourself, success will get closer and closer. The seemingly simple 'errands' business such as express delivery actually contains the spirit of craftsmanship. For example, for local zip codes and airline codes, you can 'open your mouth'; when multiple items are received and sent quickly and accurately to find contraband, you must 'eyes and hands quickly'; the sealing edge must not be wrinkled, and the tape head must not be longer than 10 cm or short Less than 5 cm...To achieve the ultimate in these 'simple labor', the talents in this industry will shine, be recognized, and reap success.

High-quality development calls for high-level talents. The courier brother has become a high-level talent, reminding all employers in various places to change the concept of talent, based on the actual ability and contribution of people to evaluate talents, so that the vitality of labor, knowledge, and technology can burst out. (Pay   Biao)
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