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Polish eyes how to distinguish genuine and in international logistics lp phoney

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-10
Domestic in recent years, with the popular international logistics industry, some companies delusion by fish in troubled waters, to earn the improper benefit. There is a widespread with these companies, no charge standard, such as industry habits, a lot of people are suffering. In recent years as more and more Chinese immigrants and overseas international logistics lp is blossoming, the good and bad are intermingled, everyone looking for international logistics lp is polish eyes carefully distinguish. So, in marketing the present throughout the whole network, how can we distinguish between the genuine and the phoney enterprise? As long as conditions allow, as far as possible for international logistics lp to see goods. Some informal international logistics lp will start your cargo volume forecast is very low, give you a very low price, such as packaging of goods after the closed up price with you again. So remind you as much as possible to find several international logistics lp staff on-site measuring, in order to prevent the company deliberately at low volume false quotes. Many irregular logistics lp formal use graph save trouble psychology, deliberately to quote the price is very low, after handling starts with me, at this time the goods are already on the truck, consumers can only submit to humiliation, such as sacrificial fish on the chopping block. International logistics lp as well. International logistics costs are usually higher, handling volume increase will let consumers to increase many cost, make logistics consultant on-site measurement can not only more accurate control expenses, can also be spread by close contact with the international logistics lp staff know more about their services, fee standards, and past cases. Fully understand the contains of packing and destination services, determine if the other party provides is the door to door logistics services. Some international forwarding company will pretend to be international logistics lp, their prices are low, but their goods packaging standards as well as the port of destination service standards and the international logistics lp is a big difference. Carefully read the quotation and contract. Many customers to choose complaint about the logistics, but because of many logistics lp and consumers did not sign a contract, thus encountered in the process of logistics of problem such as price, items, damage, loss, unable to obtain evidence. The price of logistics industry have no unified standard and formal written contract text, it gives some unqualified illegal logistics lp provides a chink in the wall. Because has not according to the specific management of logistics lp, also there is no clear standards, there is no specific industry association, more so the industry is in a state of fragmented self-discipline completely, consumer complaints up really difficult. The flow of international logistics from domestic logistics is more complex, we must fully understand the items and services included in the price does not include the items, especially the cost of the port of destination which contains, best asked the international logistics lp photos showing the work of their foreign agent.
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