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Personal items belonging to the international logistics process is introduced

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-07
I engaged in international logistics industry, slightly and would like to share with all of you, the hope can help those who want to emigrate, home to work abroad or personnel to provide some worthy of reference information. International logistics lp is different from the general of freight company, is the nature of the special international freight company to transport of goods trade is given priority to, all operating modes such as this is the customer's personal belongings as trade goods to export customs declaration, the cost is low, but for some furniture items such as freight company may require customers to do the commodity inspection, fumigation, and customs clearance at the port of destination, the company also is in the form of trade in goods to deal with, the cost is lower than private goods customs clearance a lot, but the customer should pay tax to the customs for this, the international freight company overseas distribution services are generally entrust logistics company, they will send the item to the customer designated address at the door, other things such as the following goods is completed by customers themselves. International logistics lp are generally provide a full range of door to door service, professional packaging, door to private goods customs declaration and clearance, do not need fumigation, do not need to pay tax, destination service for the customer will deliver goods to home is put in place, dismantle the outer packing and remove garbage and provide a simple assembly services, and full service only need to provide copies of certificates and fill in several forms to complete, achieves truly for the customer easier then, these services are not a shipping company to complete. Next is the customs declaration. , of course, because I now is in Shanghai VIPU international Supply Chain logistics lp, so know the effective information is based on the Shanghai side. Usually, on the same day in front of the packaging or packaging VIPU international Supply Chain logistics lp will provide needed for the customs declaration documents, need to owner the signature, and on that day in packaging will be needed for customs clearance certificate ( Such as passport, visa, foreigners need to valid residence permit, work permit, etc. ) To the site supervisor. It is important to note that the Shanghai customs declaration certificates are required to declare to the original. If it does not trust the certificate to logistics lp, so you can talk with good logistics lp about customs clearance time, bring documents to three way (no. 617 The trade item supervision center) Customs inspection, then handed the papers to contact a good site for personnel, they can take back the documents that day. But in the morning in the past, may be in the afternoon to take back the documents. Choose door to door logistics services, subsequent basically nothing where things need to be personally, besides I like Canada need consignee to customs, do a simple interview other booking, customs clearance, delivery, delivery, unloading, unpacking in place, installation simple furniture, take away the rubbish are VIPU Supply Chain international logistics lp and foreign professional agents a dragon to do.
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