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Newbies must know: What are the nine sentences of '9 freight forwarding gold jargon'?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-03-12
There is an old saying: 'Three hundred and sixty lines, you can make the champion.' This sentence does not mean that the champion is born with extremely high talent, but needs to be obtained through the hard work of the day after tomorrow. Survival in any industry requires long-term exploration to sum up the experience and experience that the predecessors could not give. Friends in the freight forwarding industry know the '9 phrases of freight forwarding gold' that are circulating in the world. These nine gold lingoes are a good summary of how to enter the freight forwarding industry better and faster. Today, I will give you a popular science article. Nine sentences of golden jargon. The old freight forwarders can naturally skip it, and the novice friends who have not heard of it can learn more! 1. Multi-ticket (divided) customs declaration. Because the goods under the same bill of lading have the following conditions, multi-ticket or divided customs declaration is required:    There are multiple consignees, more than 20 items of goods, settlement methods, transaction methods, and trade methods. Two or more types; for example, if there are two consignees for goods under a bill of lading, one of the consignee’s goods is imported by general trade, and the other is imported for processing with imported materials. Enter two declaration forms for customs declaration. 2. Master bill and house waybill   Master bill is the main waybill; house waybill is the house waybill. For example, if a freight forwarding company collects goods from three different customers, and the goods of three different customers are to be transported to the same destination by air, the freight forwarder can use one air waybill to carry the goods of these three different customers, in order to distinguish which To which different customer the goods belong, a document (divided order) is required to explain.  ☞ The master air waybill is the proof of the ownership of the goods, and the consignee can directly pick up the goods with this, but not for the separate orders. 3. Bulk cargo/LCL Bulk cargo mainly refers to some lighter weight and smaller volume goods, usually small pieces of goods packed in cartons.   LCL is an operation method used by freight forwarders to save logistics and transportation costs. One container is loaded with goods of multiple forwarders or customers, which has reached the maximum utilization rate of the container, reducing logistics costs. 4. Jipinhuo   Jipinhuo has the same meaning as spelling, but there is a little difference in time. Set, that is, there are not so many goods, you need to wait for a certain amount of goods to be assembled to put together a cabinet. 5. ALL IN/FAK/NAC General freight forwarders will report inland and ocean freight separately.   ALL IN is the sum of freight (including fuel surcharge, currency surcharge, etc.). The ALL IN of the inland fee includes booking fee, THC document fee, towing container, customs declaration fee, etc. But the inspection fee is generally not included, unless the package is cleared. FAK (Freight for All Kinds Rate) is the price for all kinds of goods, and NAC (name account) is the price applied for with SHIPPER. 6. NOR Non-operating Reefer Container is translated by most people as 'freezer substitute cabinetThat is, Reefer Cntr is shipped with Dry Cargo that does not require refrigeration. Some people also call it dry freezers and dry cargo freezers. There are usually two reasons for this situation:   a) The Reefer Cntr at the terminal has been stacked for too long and there is no cold cargo left, which may incur high storage fees. It is better to use it as a DC cabinet;   b) Some dry cargo pairs The cleanliness, water tightness and air tightness in the cabinet are required to be high, so a dry-freezer is required. 7. Via/In transit to  Via: 'via   When using the Via clause, two points should be noted:   1) The carrier shall be responsible for the whole journey,   2) Direct access is not allowed, even if there is a direct ship.   means the same as W/T u003d with transshipped at 'transshipping in...'.   'In transit to' clause: The original meaning of 'Intransit to' is also 'transit to8. After the ship sails, the port authority will submit the container data on board to the shipping company, which is commonly known as the report number, which means that data such as the number of the loaded container will be returned to the ship owner. 9. Staring at the container. When the ship bursts, or when the customs cut-off time has passed, it is necessary to use the contacts of the freight forwarder to help the cargo catch up with the ship. The cost depends on the situation. If the warehouse is liquidated severely or the customer needs to watch the box due to his own reasons, the cost will be slightly higher.  Editor's summary: 9 sentences of gold lingo for freight forwarding are the above content. After mastering these 9 gold lingo, there is no big problem for freight forwarding. It is worth noting that there is no absolute value for anything. If there is an emergency, the best choice is to consult the seniors in the industry to see how they deal with these emergencies. 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