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New immigrants to Australia how much do you know about the tax policy of old furniture

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-06
Australia's new immigration you know old furniture shipping policy? Now, the immigration Australia logistics after migration to Australia are also many. But according to our website backstage data analysis, according to the results of many new immigrants in logistics for new immigrants old furniture before shipping policy is not understand, some people even listen to never heard, waste the chance of a Marine old furniture duty-free, then Australia new immigrants do you understand the old furniture shipping policy? According to the small make up for the current immigration to Australia client access results in that the answer really is bad to say, before we post on the BBS consulting, many immigrants have said old furniture we understand policy of shipping to Australia, but true to the actual transportation because of policy all don't understand and miss, here small make up to you to introduce our new immigrants old furniture shipping tax exemption policy. 1. What is the old furniture? Has used more than 1 year and opening the furniture, the Australian customs to be defined as old furniture. For this kind of old furniture as long as it is a new immigrant visa, comply with the provisions of the Australian customs shipping to Australia is exempt from tax, this is the most basic tax exemption policy conditions, believe that everyone should understand. 2. Free shipping old furniture to Australia what identity to the recipient? New immigrants tax-exempt status of Marine furniture to Australia need furniture used for furniture, also need to the recipient in accordance with the following two identities: if for Australian citizenship, must live abroad more than a year; New immigrants to Australia, must hold to the Australian work visas and visa valid for more than 2 years can enjoy the exemption policy in Australia. 3. Old furniture shipped to Australia customs clearance what data to need? Enjoy duty-free policy must conform to the above two cases are eligible, old furniture shipped to Australia while customs clearance, the consignee need to provide passport photo page and visa page copy and fill out a private goods customs clearance form ( B534) , provide packing list and shipping bill of lading. Meet the above three new immigrants old furniture, shipping tax are exempt shipping logistics in China and practical furniture. Australia's new immigrants, do you understand the old furniture shipping policy? If there is other do not understand, or you want to transport new furniture to Australia to enjoy duty-free policy, you can also call the hotline 400 - 012 - 5052 consulting VIPU Supply Chain international logistics lp, we will wholeheartedly provide service for you!
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