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Logistics to Australia, customs inspection AQIS mean?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-11
Australia a beautiful environment, lifestyle, is one of the most livable countries around the world, the logistics of new immigrants to Australia friend in through the customs entry, often encounter the customs officer asked AQIS inspection report, issued by AQIS is what? , then the logistics to Australian customs inspection AQIS mean? VIPU international logistics Supply Chain of small make up for everyone to explain. AQIS, full name is the Australian Quarantine Inspection Service, Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service, also known as the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service. Due to Australia's environment is unique, all food, plant and animal products from overseas destructive pests and pathogens can be introduced to Australia, so in order to protect the environment and avoid invasive species in Australia to Australia, so Australia customs to AQIS quarantine of entry and personal belongings, help to maintain the unique environment. New immigration Australia, Australian customs will be for personal belongings AQIS inspection, quarantine items including fresh or packaging of food, fruits, eggs, meat, vegetables, seeds, plant, feathers, wood and leather. Australian quarantine and inspection service ( AQIS) Review or with X-ray Check all bags, and use sniffer dogs for high-risk products. AQIS also provide bins at the international airport, to discard the quarantine items. If you do not declare food material, plants and animals, is can lead to hefty fines, for details, please refer to the Australian AQIS website. Note that, in early 2013, forestry department notice said Australian agriculture and fisheries, the Australian government is gradually cancel using Australian quarantine inspection service ( AQIS) The name, forestry under the Australian agriculture and fisheries department ( 傻瓜) To replace. Forestry Australian agriculture and fisheries department will continue to bear all the Australian government and biological safety related part of the work, the name change does not affect the responsible for audit, inspection and certification authorities, will not lead to the import of agricultural products, food, the plant or animal products requirements change. To trade deals in biological safety testing and certification can only be the key contact person will not change. New immigrants before entering the customs entry area, all immigrants to fill in a personal data of the yellow entry card, used to statement carried by special goods, the two form in addition to English, Chinese, Japanese and other language version. Enter the customs need to prepare passport and entry card ready for inspection. Vaccination is not mandatory, unless the passenger six days before the entry of Australia is transmitted from the source ( Such as cholera, yellow fever, etc. ) Area, in this case the authorities will pay special attention to, even need time to do the inspection. It is prohibited to carry a variety of fresh goods into Australia, if really need to take food into, is the best on the declaration form to fill in to accept inspection, don't presume to try to recruit, the most serious consequences may be jail. As for your baggage, unless there is a goods to declare, By hanging red brand export customs) Passengers are hung by the export of green brand through. Australian prohibited entry items, some things, because of the animals and plants live in Australia have disease threat, so it is not allowed in Australia, these include: 1, such as milk, eggs and egg products: including all, dry powder and egg and some egg ingredients of products ( Along with the baby's baby with square, and New Zealand dairy products are allowed) 。 2, live animals, including birds, reptiles, birds, fish and insects. 3, meat and meat products, including all the canned or fresh, dry, cold storage, smoked or salted meat. 4, seeds and nuts, including birth, not roasted nuts, peanuts, chestnuts and explosive shell. 5, fresh fruit and vegetables: including all fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables. 6, living plants, cuttings, roots, bulbs, cereals, roots and stem. 7, containing, or made from the seeds of handicrafts and souvenirs. 8, salmon and trout products: ask about special entrance ( Canned salmon is allowed) 。 9, biological materials, including human/animal vaccine and treatment of goods ( Inquire about special entrance) 。 10, antlers/pilose antler, edible bird's nest packing products: antler or antlers is allowed (from New Zealand Certificate attached) 。 11, dirt and sand: including filled with dirt or sand, Not with mud and sand stones is allowed) 。 12, all pork products. The following items in quarantine conditions permit and the proofs to Australian quarantine authorities in advance can into separately, but the permit must be obtained before you travel abroad. These items are: 1, 2 dogs, cats and other small animals, microorganisms, animals, and cultures of sperm and egg 3, living plants, cuttings and the display of the bulb 4, animal or plant souvenirs and treasures, baby food (5 Every baby must take one kilogram) 6, a small amount of water and quarantine officials will check these items, if not with animal and plant diseases or insect pests, return these items to you again. Cars can also bring in, but after the goods subject to strict inspection and cleaning. Also some item can be imported but must declare, relevant information will be available to the service center or Australian visa, or to the official website.
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