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Logistics from China to New Zealand, how to operate to duty-free?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-11
For new immigrants in New Zealand, there is a duty-free benefits of logistics. So logistics from China to New Zealand, how to operate to duty-free? VIPU international logistics Supply Chain based on years of service experience, sum up the experience of duty-free logistics to New Zealand: a logistics, China to New Zealand tax exemption conditions 1, a reasonable items; 2, with New Zealand passport; More than 3 December, New Zealand permanent residence or work visa or visit visa more than 3 years; 4, 21 months before landing in New Zealand are not living in New Zealand, A short vacation and visit is not) Second, the New Zealand private goods customs clearance documents: 1, certificates copies: consignee photocopy of your passport photo page, visa copy, the English version 2 packing list 3, Marine bill of lading 4, New Zealand Unaccompanied Personal Baggage Declaration form three, logistics checked what thing cannot take in New Zealand: New Zealand customs regulations, all imports of Personal items shall be subject to customs of physical inspection and the New Zealand ministry of agriculture and forestry service ( MAF) Check for high-risk items imported into New Zealand there are strict requirements, we will provide a detailed list and complete to the officials of the ministry of agriculture and forestry. If found to have banned items, all items may be required to do fumigation processing, our company in the packaging for the guest when the prohibited item is found, will remind the customer in a timely manner. May be items in the examine: vacuum cleaner, gardening tools, bicycles, camping gear, golf clubs, hiking boots, stirrup saddles, outdoor furniture, these items we recommend cleaning before logistics; Cany art products, try not to take food. It is prohibited to transport the goods: spices, honey, dairy products, egg products, all kinds of meat, all kinds of plants, pinecone berries, Christmas decorations, ivory, turtle shell, endangered animal products, etc. Generally, these special items and consulting. Four, the logistics check in process of New Zealand: telephone counseling & ndash; — The volume of items free on-site measuring logistics & ndash; — The door package & ZWNJ; ‌ Pick up the goods & ndash; — Customs clearance & ndash; — Shipping to New Zealand & ndash; — New Zealand agent clearance delivery
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