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Let the logistics 'draft' become intelligent:

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-08-03
The logistics industry is a basic and strategic industry for economic and social development, and road freight volume accounts for about 80% of my country's total domestic logistics freight volume. Twenty years ago, Transchem Group started from the road logistics field with the heaviest task and weakest foundation to build a logistics platform serving the industry. In the past 20 years, Transfar's logistics business has achieved rapid growth from small to large. Today, Transchem Zhilian, as the intelligent logistics platform of Transchem's service industry, is realizing a leap from large to strong through refined operation and digital transformation.

Advanced highway port

Located at the Chengdu Chuanhua Highway Port next to the Logistics Avenue in Xindu District, Chengdu, Sichuan, more than 12,000 trucks are loaded and unloaded, transferred, delivered to warehouses, or shipped to various parts of the country after they are loaded and unloaded, transited, delivered to warehouses, or shipped out of the port. It affects the trunk logistics of the entire Sichuan and even the southwest region, and radiates the nerve endings of freight to the whole country.

This is a typical portrayal of Chuanhua Highway Port in China's logistics industry: nearly 80% of domestic logistics in the country is completed by road transportation, and the 'first mile' and 'last mile' of other modes of transportation also rely on road transportation. . In China's huge logistics network, highway ports are the indispensable ground infrastructure for the efficient operation of China's highway logistics, and they are also an indispensable physical support for the formation of a multimodal transport system such as highway logistics, sea, air, and rail transport.

In Chuanhua’s intelligent logistics platform network, the highway port is like a node on the fishing net, gathering people, vehicles, and goods to form a multitude of service stations and information islands, complementing the “shortcomings” of urban highway logistics infrastructure. At the same time, through platform-based operations, it provides various enterprises with logistics supply chain services of collection, distribution, storage, transportation and distribution.

“Infrastructures such as highways and ports are important links that connect production and supply. Through platform-based resource aggregation, intelligent scheduling, and full-chain coordination, efficient circulation of production materials and living materials can be realized,” said Xu Guanju, Chairman of Transchem Group.

Currently, Transfar has 65 smart highway ports in operation, with business covering 27 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities across the country. Relying on the national highway port network, Transchem has formed a 'warehouse, transportation and distribution' integrated logistics service solution, which is particularly prominent in the chemical, fast-moving, and 3C household appliances industries. In 2019, Chuanhua Zhilian delivered more than 388 million pieces from its own warehouse alone.

While continuously expanding the scale of the network, Chuanhua Zhilian is deeply cultivating each layout city, deeply understanding the city's planning layout, industrial structure, and industry status, and studying the needs and 'pain points' of different cargo owners and logistics practitioners in each city. 'Customize' the logistics center for the city.

'For example, based on the development strategy of Xi'an based on the national central city, carrying the function of building a national logistics hub, and making every effort to build the'heart' of the Silk Road logistics and commerce network, we have targeted the construction of the'one platform, two centers' network layout in Xi'an, including radiation The operation center platform in the northwest and the two major logistics centers in the east and west of the city will play an important role in the international logistics platform connecting Xi'an to Eurasia.' said Li Shaobo, senior vice president of Transhua Zhilian Co., Ltd.

Upgraded intelligence

In the fight against the new crown pneumonia epidemic, logistics played an important role in the circulation of anti-epidemic relief materials and the resumption of work and production of enterprises. Some logistics platforms with high digital capabilities have performed particularly well. It can be said that this epidemic has objectively promoted the in-depth application of digital technologies such as the Internet and big data in the logistics industry and promoted the development of new types of smart logistics infrastructure.

At this year’s “two sessions” across the country, Xu Guanju, a representative of the National People’s Congress, suggested that relevant national departments should integrate online and offline smart logistics service platforms, smart logistics parks, and other smart logistics infrastructures when formulating “new infrastructure” related plans and industrial policies. Include key areas.

For Chuanhua, the relevant layout has already begun. In recent years, Transchem has joined hands with telecom operators and equipment manufacturers such as China Mobile, China Telecom, Huawei, and Hikvision to jointly launch the '5G+Industrial Internet' solution, which is used in cloud computing, 5G, Internet of Things, and blockchain. , Artificial intelligence and other new technology application scenarios have achieved breakthrough results.

Zhang Ling, general manager of the Intelligent Technology Center of Chuanhua Zhilian, said: 'We recognized the historical opportunities brought by the digital and intelligent era to the logistics industry very early, and worked hard to integrate the rich offline scenarios and online advantages of the intelligent logistics service platform. Data precipitation combined.'

In the process of continuous digital and intelligent transformation, Transfar Highway Port has gradually transformed into a 'smart port'. From the moment trucks and cargo enter the port, AR (augmented reality technology) recognition will transmit the vehicle and cargo information to the background. After the driver completes the senseless parking under the navigation of the park, the LTL storage center arranges the cargo collection and warehouse storage nearby. The warehouse intelligent robot recommends the shortest route navigation in real time and assists in the loading of goods. Companies have delivery needs, no need to manually find a car, the mobile phone platform will automatically push delivery orders to logistics companies based on transportation needs. After receiving the order, the logistics company quickly delivers the goods. The pallet forklift and the digital platform are closely dispatched. The distribution process that originally took several hours or even ten hours can shorten the time by at least one third.

With technical support, refined operations also have more room for display. Today, Chuanhua Highway Port has formed a national network and integrated capability of 'warehousing, transportation and distribution', providing cargo owners with customized industry supply chain solutions and 'door-to-door' logistics services.

In 2019, Transchem followed the operation strategy of “focusing on one industry, making a company through, and extending one industry”, and made great efforts in multiple key industries with remarkable results. For example, in the chemical industry, Transchem focuses on leading enterprises in subdivisions to provide customers with 'supply chain consulting + supply chain system coordination + warehouse, transportation and distribution integration' services, which solves the need for multi-party logistics when developing business across regions. With warehousing service providers, inventory management lags behind, transportation timeliness, quality is uncontrollable, and the entire process is not visible, etc. 'pain points', effectively improving the timeliness of receipt and delivery, and the overall coordination efficiency of the supply chain has increased by 30%.

Economic barometer

The Chinese economy is emerging from the haze of the epidemic, exuding the vigorous breath of spring. In the logistics park, this feeling is particularly obvious. Entering June, due to the e-commerce '618' promotion, the operation of the Sichuan Nanchong Chuanhua Highway Port E-commerce Express Industrial Park has become increasingly hot. Nanchong Chuanhua Highway Port E-commerce Express Industrial Park has introduced more than 20 e-commerce express companies such as JD, SF, YTO, Zhongtong, Tiantian, and Yousu, and more than 30 home appliance brands such as Gree, Haier, and Changhong. The average distribution amount reaches 3 million pieces.

'Judging from the situation of the intelligent highway port logistics center of Transchem Intelligence across the country, the main business has basically returned to a normal level. By the end of May this year, most of the logistics companies that have settled in have resumed work and production, and the number of incoming and outgoing freight vehicles has also recovered. Over 90% in December last year, road freight continued to improve.' Xu Guanju said.

Logistics is a barometer of the economy, and smooth logistics is also an important guarantee for economic recovery. Transchem took advantage of the platform and launched a series of measures to help logistics companies resume work and production in a timely manner, contributing its own strength to China's economic recovery.

Chen Jian, executive president of Transfar Smart Alliance Co., Ltd., told reporters that on February 17 this year, Transfar launched 17 corporate assistance measures to promote the early recovery of the logistics industry, including reduction and exemption of rents and parking fees at national highway ports, and free opening of Transfar Smart Logistics information system services, free and open transmission network freight integrated service platform, etc.

Logistics is a 'draft'. When talking about the reasons for Transfar’s entry into the logistics industry, Xu Guanju once said: “It’s not easy to do this well, but Transfar recognizes that the country needs such infrastructure, the city needs such a hub center, and the industry needs such a sharing platform. .'

Time has confirmed Transfar's original judgment. With the development of China's economy, Transfar is steadily moving forward on an intelligent logistics road that meets the needs of the country and the industry.
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