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Lai Meisong, Chairman of Zhongtong Express, will

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-07-31
   When live broadcasting has become a standard feature in the business world, the forms of live broadcasting have become diversified.

   After Ctrip Chairman Liang Jianzhang and Gree Chairman Dong Mingzhu personally brought the goods, on the evening of May 28, ZTO Express Chairman Lai Meisong also joined the live-broadcasting team and opened his live broadcast debut. However, the reporter noticed that unlike other entrepreneurs, the form of Lai Meisong’s live broadcast of goods this time is 'Warehouse Broadcasting', which is also an exploration of a new format of live broadcast of goods.

  Zhongtong Express Chairman Lai Meisong 'Cangbo' brings the goods

   The so-called 'cang broadcast' is to set up the live broadcast room at the site of the Zhongtong Yuncang where the goods are stored, and you can directly see the shelves of the displayed goods in the live broadcast screen.

   The reporter saw in the live broadcast that night that, despite a little nervousness, Lai Meisong started the live broadcast very well. Lai Meisong tried the three special agricultural products he brought one by one, and called on 'babies' to place more orders during the fan interaction. After the live broadcast began, more than 50,000 copies of Pingquan shiitake mushrooms, Yuan Longping rice, Chongyang small twists and other commodities were 'second light'.

   The entire live broadcast lasted 3 hours, with a total of 25 products on the live broadcast. Coupled with Alipay’s traffic support, the cumulative number of viewers exceeded 7.39 million. A total of more than 1.1 million packages were generated, and the goods in the warehouse were ordered out of the warehouse for delivery that night.

   In fact, the “warehouse broadcast” of ZTO Express is not only ZTO’s first attempt, but also the first time in the express industry. According to Lu Bai, the director of operations of the anchor broadcaster, ZTO Express's warehouse broadcast model has filled a gap in the current live broadcast delivery. In the eyes of industry insiders, this is a live broadcast event for poverty alleviation, and it is also an innovative synergy within ZTO's internal ecosystem.

According to Zhongtong, this 'Warehouse Broadcasting' is an innovative collaboration between Zhongtong Express and Zhongtong Yuncang, Zhongkuai Media, Zhongtong Express, Zhongtong Commercial and other ecosystems, reducing logistics costs by shortening circulation links , Both ends of the supply and demand of the straight chain, enabling consumers to spend less money to buy better quality, more variety, and more affordable products.

In the context of Best Express Plus convenience stores, SF Express trying to take out and other express companies are constantly breaking the boundaries of express logistics, trying to 'cross-border' to extend the industry chain, this time Zhongtong tried warehouse broadcasting, which is also an industry chain in the eyes of industry insiders. Extended performance.

'Zhongtong will not only be an express company in the future, nor a technology company. In the future, ZTO will be a platform company and an ecological company.' Lai Meisong said that live broadcast has many advantages. It can make production and consumption more directly connected. It is to benefit both production and consumption: consumers can buy more and better products for less, and the production side can reduce inventory.

   So, where do the goods of ZTO Express 'Cangbo' come from? According to Lai Meisong, in addition to self-operated e-commerce, many e-commerce customers have demand for goods warehousing, and their choice must be efficiency-oriented. At present, ZTO has realized the connection of express delivery, express delivery, and cloud warehouse in some distribution centers. In the future, there will be a cold chain, which is a smart park for integrated logistics services. Customers entering the warehouse of Zhongtong will bring huge cost savings and improvement of service quality.

Data shows that at present, Zhongtong Yuncang has a total of 80 central warehouses across the country, distributed in more than 40 core cities across the country, with a total storage area of ??1.6 million + square meters, and distribution coverage covering 98% of districts and counties, and more than 91% of towns and towns across the country. .

   At the same time, Lai Meisong said: 'Cangbo is a very good model, and we will continue to try, hoping to speed up the flow.' (Reporter Wang Xingping)
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