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Hungarian international express, express how much price _VIPUTRANS China to Hungary

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-06-22
How can I send the Hungarian international express? First find a logistics company to send by the spectrum, on what logistics company? Shenzhen VIPUTRANS international logistics co. , LTD & throughout; Is a company mainly provide international shipping, air import and export freight forwarders, transportation, customs clearance, warehousing, distribution for the integration of comprehensive international logistics services company. Companies with more than one hundred overseas agent has established the cooperative partnership, business networks throughout the world. With excellent and stable operation of logistics network system resources, excellent, professional management, the integration of logistics service, the global logistics resources integration and optimization, information systematic development, become a decade credible banker VIPUTRANS international logistics focus on global express delivery, international air shipping, electricity packet three business units, to provide a safe and fast for both the supply and the demand of international express delivery, electricity, air and sea freight logistics, trailer, import agents, customs clearance, cargo insurance, etc, have opened up the Hong Kong and Macao special tax package line, Russian tax package line, Australia, the tax package line such as high quality special business around the world, provide door to door, the airport, convention and exhibition center, cargo wharf one-stop service, and e-commerce, high-end special product of the unique solution. China to Hungary Courier price how many money? VIPUTRANS international logistics delivery price such as: send 1 kg of the goods arrived in the Hungarian freight for 16. 50 yuan. For example: the Hong Kong DHL agent price: send 5 kg of the goods arrived in the Hungarian freight for 334. 53 yuan/kg; For example: shenzhen TNT global: small mainland DHL cost, arrived in the Hungarian freight goods to 20 kg to 892. 8 yuan/kg; For example: Hong Kong DHL agent price: 50 kg of goods arrived in the United States freight is RMB 2065 / kg; Hong Kong DHL - Preferential: 0 500 kg goods, arrived in Hungary, the United States, Canada, Germany, Britain, France, Japan and other global more than 200 countries and regions, to sign for aging 3 - as a whole 5 days, ageing stability. Can send the built-in battery items, can customs in advance, separate customs declaration, customs clearance ability. Freight way: because the international express delivery pricing rule is to take the goods with goods weight large volume pricing, pricing formula is: length * width * height / 5000 ( cm) 。 International mail points size package: 21 kg below for the international parcel, charging unit is 0. 5 kg, less than 0. Press 0 5 kg. 5 kg billing; For the parcel above 21 kg, freight unit is 1 kg, less than 1 kg charged according to 1 kg. So the compression volume can save a little cost. Single minimum 15 kg ( Actual weight and volume weight needs to meet at the same time) , less than 15 kg charged according to 15 kg send Hungarian international express, find VIPUTRANS international logistics, dozens of online service, with an international parcel, international express, international air transport, international shipping and packaging materials sales at home and abroad, customs clearance distribution, warehousing, logistics solutions consulting and customization, etc. , basically met the foreign trade enterprises and individual demand for international logistics services. Please consult our online customer service for details.
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