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How to import milk powder to China?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-07
VIPU international logistics Supply Chain, though the main international logistics business, but with strong customs clearance ability, mature channels at home and abroad and international logistics industry experience in many years, often & other; Raffish & throughout; Provide all kinds of bulk cargo, freight, import and export of international logistics services such as. So don't bullshit, how to import milk powder to China? Foreign need to offer: 1, the official certificate of origin ( Foreign milk powder producers CO or FORM A) 2, the official health certificate ( Foreign milk powder manufacturers by the official certificate) 3, the official health brand letter of authorization ( Foreign milk powder manufacturer's certificate) 4, - formula list Component content, Authorities detection analysis show the inspection report) 5, the original milk powder packaging there are800,000 monographs ( Foreign milk powder manufacturers photo archive) 6 -, customs clearance data Packing list, purchase invoices, contracts, Foreign milk powder manufacturers: ltd. Invoice, Packing List, Contract) The consignee need to prepare: 1, import and export rights, the business license (2 Unity 3 card) 3, 4, Chinese customs code + code label sample 5, consignee record-keeping certification 6 food, milk powder imports business listing ( The consignee) 7, foreign brand letter of authorization
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