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How to convert after immigrated to the United States, China and the United States passport

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-06
Said stuck without a car in the United States, living in the United States tend to leave the car, so the driver's license is must be a lot. What's more, in the United States, a driver's license as identification, hotel need a driver's license, take a plane to a driver's license, certificate of purchase age can also use a driver's license. After immigration logistics to the United States, how to complete the Chinese driver's license to the driver's license? How to start from scratch to get the driver's license? Today we talk about a driver's license. Excuse me: I've got a driver's license in China, in the domestic to the United States can be directly use? Answer: in fact, in theory, Chinese driver's license in the United States ( Different individual states) Can not only legitimate use of the file, because the Chinese government didn't and the United States has signed the agreement. Recognize each other on the international driver's license, has signed the United Nations convention on road traffic is to point to more than 60 countries and regions, a driver's license, and China is not in this agreement. Don't think that you can use the Chinese driver's license from rent car rental company can on behalf of the Chinese driver's license can be used legally in the United States, because the car rental company's employees may not has a full understanding of the law. But, in fact, the Chinese driver's license in the United States of some state or can be used temporarily, usually in 30 - Within 90 days. For people want to have a driver's license for a long time, or to a local driver's license is more appropriate. Excuse me: how the driver's test process in the United States? Too easily? If you already have a driver's license, domestic transformation driver's license in the United States is too easy. Answer: only 4 - Five steps, don't even need to go to school, a driver's license is easy pickings. 1, carrying personal identification ( Passport, Chinese driver's license, I - 94, I20, social security number card SSN ( There is no need to open a proof) And proof of address ( Such as bank bills, rent, bills, etc. ) ) Go to a local MVA ( DMV) Register and pay the test fee, probably around $30. 2, for the written test, generally in the register can be written in the day, the written content of the basic traffic rules, not difficult, the mva generally have free tutoring materials, mva website can also be found. In Chinese populated places like California and New York, written also can choose Chinese language. 30 - in most cases 40 problem, error number less than 5 items can pass the exam. After passing the examination can immediately get a learning practice permit licence and with the driver's license can in formal license accompanied by more than three years of people drive a car. 3, after to get the Permit, can choose the road test, can also choose to make an appointment a time. Road test is simpler in the United States, like California directly open a circle on the road, pay attention to the basic rules such as lights, parking, avoid pedestrians can be used after. And like Maryland, you need to test reverse warehousing, lateral parking, then carries on the road test. Road test car, also need to note is that the need to prepare, this is different from domestic, prepares the car don't forget to carry car insurance certificate ( Borrow your car people will understand) 。 If the road test fails, it does not matter, direct appointment next exam time. 4, after through the road test, the DMV will give you to make your driver's license on the spot. In some states such as Texas, Maryland, still need to go to alcohol lessons before registration to get a certification. The class in about 3 hours, mainly shows you how to drive safely and don't drink and drive. Can choose classes on the Internet, can also choose to offer the course of driving. That is how Chinese driver's license can be converted into us driving tips. Surface we say if you don't have a driver's license domestic how to pass the driver's license. If there is no domestic driver's license, directly pass a driver's license in the United States also is very simple. Carry valid certificates to the local MVA register first, then the written Learning Permit. Then according to the regulation of each state, If some states require 30 days, some states have no time to ask) , booking exam time, place, those who participate in the driving test for road test. Such as New York rules apply for regular license ( 类D) Some road test time shall not be less than three weeks, while the young driver's license applications ( 类DJ) After through the written test, about the exam shall not be less than 6 months, the intention to have enough time to practice before the road test, at the same time also suggested all regular license applicants to accept the test of not less than 50 hours of road du xun, including 15 hours of practice and 10 hours at night in a busy stretch training. Applicants do not need to prove himself, however, whether to accept the car bureau recommended class, however the examiners will be done in accordance with the above suggested courses should reach level and decide whether through road test. The young driver's license applicants will be expected to parents or guardian sign the overseers xun accepted the above requirement. Want to get a driver's license in the United States is very easy, if level enough to completely don't have to go to driving school. So, don't ~ driving without a license
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