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How to conduct a tax-free logistics to the United States

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-07
No matter people to immigrate to the United States is for what purpose, after successful immigrants, everyone can't avoid home the biggest problem. Home in addition to the purchase and buy furniture, furniture, unlike domestic working in the United States. One is in recent years due to the shortage of labor, labor rising, furniture price is generally high, the same kind of furniture is the price of the domestic five times in the United States. The second is the style of American furniture is not accord with the aesthetic preference of most Chinese people, foreigners like design beautiful, scientific and practical furniture, they basically see modelling, the design. The Chinese like to high-grade materials, such as red sandalwood, hua li, both practical and ornamental furniture such as the right people in foreign countries to buy the furniture. Not only that, most people have nostalgic feelings, have the habit of use on their furniture, and even many memorable furniture. To settle abroad, and abandoned the furniture at home, don't give up feelings. In this case, not to mention foreign expensive furniture and style is unwell wait for a reason, not to choose the international logistics and directly in the overseas purchase of new furniture, a lot of people will have a great gap, emotional quality of life drastically. In fact, the new immigrants have an exemption right of logistics. When people put the eyes on the immigration country other policy, policy of free personal items become severely wasted immigration benefits. If there were no duty-free policy, from the domestic transport of goods to go abroad, will produce a lot of tariffs. Huge tariffs daunting, if there is no duty-free policy, must have a lot of people will think it's of no value to give up international logistics logistics, seriously affect the migration after overseas life experience. And so beneficial to new immigrants duty-free policy, did not know it, know the logistics. So how to make better use of the polity policy? Here small make up for everyone to do a logistics duty-free to the United States on: 1, logistics to the United States, immigrants can be exempt conditions according to the U. S. immigration law regulation, new immigrants or because of various reasons in the overseas life citizens of the United States more than a year, you can have a into self-use range has been used for more than a year of furniture of luggage and personal property and does not produce tariffs. 2, logistics to the United States, to handle tax clearance must truthfully to declare to the items into the name of furniture, use fixed number of year, value, etc. , into English packing list to declare, you can provide the original purchase invoice or receipt for the best. Also need to fill out the form 3299. 3, logistics to the United States, to handle tax clearance needs to provide documents for tax exemption clearance don't need the consignee himself there, but you need consignee provide photocopy of passport, visa, social security number, customs clearance authorization, Marine bill of lading, packing list for customs clearance. Meet the above conditions, you can do a duty-free logistics of China to the United States, many people rely on the rule has saved hundreds of thousands of taxes.
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