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How to choose a delivery method

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-03-01
Logistics, warehousing and distribution services have become the most core industry link in China's e-commerce. Being able to provide a comprehensive and comprehensive logistics warehousing and distribution solution has also become a problem that many small and medium sellers and e-commerce supplier brands must pay attention to. Many links of logistics distribution cause huge cost, manpower and time waste. Logistics enterprises must pay attention to the information management of logistics distribution system to reduce logistics costs. Therefore, it is very important to choose the appropriate logistics distribution method. Factors affecting logistics and distribution 1. The distributor's own distribution resources. 2. Delivery distance. Distance is the main factor in choosing a logistics distribution method. Know the distance carefully before distribution, make a distribution plan in advance, and achieve the optimal choice based on cost savings. 3. Distribution costs. The vehicles that need to be dispatched, the salaries of the delivery staff, fuel costs, etc. 4. Estimate the time required for delivery. JD Express's logistics distribution services are mainly divided into four modes: The first is the FBP model (JD.com is solely responsible for purchasing and sales); The second is the LBP model (the goods do not need to be stored in the warehouse, after the user places an order, the third-party seller will ship the goods to the JD.com sorting center, and JD.com will issue an invoice); The third is SOPL (the goods do not need to be stored in the warehouse. After the user places an order, the third-party seller delivers the goods to the JD sorting center, but the merchant issues the invoice); The fourth is SOP (the merchant directly issues and invoices the consumer). The logistics methods of cross-border e-commerce are mainly international postal parcels, international express delivery, international dedicated lines, and overseas warehouse delivery. There are many similar services under each type. For example, postal parcels include China Post, Holland Post, Singapore parcel, Hong Kong parcel, and Turkish parcel. International express also has DHL, UPS, Fedex, EMS, TNT, etc .; There are many services under each type, and each has its own area and product, which applies different products and timeliness requirements. Meituan takeaway delivery is mainly Meituan delivery, Meituan crowdsourcing, Meituan express delivery, mixed delivery, and merchant self-delivery. Meituan special delivery: self-built or franchisees to accept all orders from merchants to ensure a certain order acceptance rate. It is a self-operated full-time rider-based distribution form of Meituan, with operating hours as early as 9 to 9 and delivery range mainly 3 kilometers. US group crowdsourcing: The opening of the distribution platform, all users can be crowdsourcing, using the power of social part-time staff to help merchants in the form of distribution. Open 24 hours, the maximum delivery range is about 5 kilometers. Merchants can choose whether to send crowdsourcing or not. US group express delivery: It can be interpreted as a high-quality list in crowdsourcing, which is the product between exclusive delivery and crowdsourcing. The delivery staff is a part-time delivery form. After the merchant issues the bill, the crowdsourcing rider grabs the order. Sometimes there is a premium business time of 24 hours and the maximum delivery range is about 5 kilometers. Mixed delivery: special delivery + express delivery, when there is insufficient delivery capacity, the express delivery staff can help deliver meals. Self-delivery by merchants: Self-delivery by merchants is a form in which merchants rely on their own shipping capacity or third-party crowdsourcing to deliver products. Different companies have different distribution models, and will base on their own resources and changes in market demand to coordinate the basic distribution model that is most beneficial to corporate interests. On this basis, the exhibition will be extended to help companies respond to market changes. No matter what kind of distribution mode, it is necessary to make appropriate adjustments based on the current market environment, continuously optimize and upgrade the market, and achieve profit.
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