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How logistics from China to Canada

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-07
For immigration to Canada friend, want to in their own domestic furniture supplies moved to Canada, is a country with expensive and style is unitary, emotional thing don't give up for many years, will be moved after abroad in accordance with the same furniture put, in a foreign country will have a feeling of as in the country. So how to logistics from China to Canada? How to choose the international logistics lp? Below is VIPU Supply Chain international logistics lp years shipping personal items to Canada: a logistics to Canada for the first time, tax can enjoy the welfare of the duty-free entry to carry personal items, then, duty-free requires conditions are: 1, the first immigrants to Canada, or to get the card soon, within five years. 2, the shipper is very miscellaneous, in addition to large furniture, and petty articles for daily use, such as bedding, tableware, collectibles, toys, clothes, books, tools, accessories and so on 3, including items account for most of the old, such as more than eighty percent of the old items. In line with the above conditions, the basic can apply for exemption when personal items. But one thing is particularly interesting, the above said conditions belongs to the Canadian customs regulations, actual operation situation is: as long as consistent with the first condition, even if the goods are new goods, the customs has ninety percent probability to give duty-free, for immigrants because Canada customs logistics customer very loose, it's easy to give duty-free. Second, the process and matters needing attention of logistics to Canada: 1, the logistics to Canada to prepare the material: the consignor data ( Name, phone number, address, scan) , the cargo list ( The name, material, packing of, specific number, amount) , consignee information ( Name, phone number, address, date of birth, passport scan) 2, logistics process: (to Canada 1) Choose the mode of transportation, determine the freight rate, mainly include air and sea transport way, is the advantage of the shipping cost is low, although air speed, but the cost is a little bit higher, generally speaking, logistics to immigrants, time will not very tight, after all, not fleeing, here we suggest immigrants logistics to Canadian friends, had better choose by sea, can save a lot of cost. ( 2) Selected immigrants logistics lp, logistics lp will send professional business survey and measurement to your home, this time the best label need to take away the furniture items in advance or make the mark in other ways. Don't like in the domestic new home, a good package is ready to go, after the measure, not immediately began to logistics, need a detailed cost calculation, bargain, and then, after the payment of deposit, logistics lp staff began operating shipping booking. In the process, still need to stay at home for several days. ( 3) Logistics lp vessel booking, immigrants will send a porter to carry you home goods, the end of this link, basically can buy ticket to fly to Canada's home, etc. ( 4) Domestic customs clearance and payment, this shall be the responsibility of the immigration logistics lp, you don't have to worry about, as long as the payment can be in accordance with the relevant provisions, and finally to remind everybody, after receive the goods at the destination, must determine first there is no damage to items in the transport, international logistics turnover link is more, hashing is inevitable, if found damaged, can be in to sign for single note there are items of damage, indicating which items. By logistics lp to assist the insurance claims process. ( 5) Foreign customs clearance and delivery. Because Canada customs clearance need to in person, so it need you to cooperate to logistics lp customs clearance formalities, then logistics lp your furniture items will be sent to your home, put in place, clean up the trash. 3, logistics to carry items to note: Canada belongs to North America, Canada, inspection and quarantine law is quite strict, Canada customs, inspection and quarantine department has the right of a very large, do not allow the new immigrants to carry such as animal and plant seeds, without the processed meats and without inspection and quarantine of livestock in, so I hope to carry objects such friends, please consider carefully. Advice first take a look at customs, embargo, item information, listed in very clear. So logistics to Canada best which items to carry? VIPU international logistics Supply Chain to give the following Suggestions: ( 1) Furniture furniture style in Canada is less, but the price is extremely high, and many are not their production, especially Chinese real wood furniture price expensive, and there are some people it is important to note that Canada's furniture store tend to put samples, generally there is no spot, often need to wait for a long time after order furniture will be shipped to the home, a lot of people are basically from the domestic furniture shipped to Canada. ( 2) Adornment Canada carpets and curtains and other more expensive, and are western style is contracted, some people don't like this to emigrate to Canada, 3) Appliances to prepare this point need to emphasize, Canada's national voltage is 110 v, and the present domestic the most common use is 220 v, that is to say, domestic appliances is unable to use in Canada. If bought in home appliances using shipped to Canada, still have to form a complete set to purchase domestic transformer, very trouble. In the past our service these customers, or rarely transportation appliances to Canada. If you want to carry electrical appliances in the past, choose advice when buying a voltage adapter range wide, such as 110 v - currently on the market Adaptive voltage between 230 v, the Canadian can be normal use.
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