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How international logistics packaging transportation guzheng

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-09
Studying abroad or immigration logistics, guzheng around how to take away? VIPU international logistics Supply Chain of small make up today about transport guzheng those things. First, guzheng before transportation, look at the guzheng size, see how to send, if you worry about bad, go to the shop to buy a good, new hard guzheng box, to make best outside a high-density plate quality wooden case. ( International express is not allowed to have solid wood and timber packaging) So it can guarantee the safety of the guzheng very well. VIPU Supply Chain based on customer feedback to experience, guzheng random go abroad it is difficult to carry, the airline has size limit to the luggage, guzheng long airlines don't accept, second, even if received is also very expensive, the third is at the time of transport may cause damage to the guzheng. Second, looking for a professional international personal belongings, luggage transport service company speed party undertake check of instruments abroad international transportation company belongings, can for the guzheng and other large ethnic Musical Instruments to provide professional and safe outer packaging, to prevent the guzheng extrusion is damaged during the transit. VIPU Supply Chain guzheng operation is simple, safe and convenient, safe, is the first choice of transportation guzheng cost-effective. Third, guzheng transport pricing rules: guzheng packing after the actual weight is about 13 kg, guzheng length is more than 170 centimeters, is roughly 45 cm wide, about 30 cm tall, different guzheng size will be different. Guzheng packaging specifications: long cm * wide cm * 30 cm = 172 * 45 * high ( cm) The actual weight: 13 kg volume weight ( Length * width * height / 5000) ≈ 46. 44 kg specification: the outer packing size can be provided to airlines when checked, look to whether can deal with the random check, if not, VIPU international logistics Supply Chain is completely can be done to transportation safety. It is important to note the international express charging rules based on weight and volume, specific to the actual measurement shall prevail. Guzheng, the fourth, the transport must ensure that the correct packaging to transportation, under the condition of VIPU Supply Chain based on long transport guzheng for customer experience, summed up the written Suggestions to the packing of the guzheng large folk Musical Instruments: 1, the loose jean wong, jean code 2, will harp code unification with PE bag, well, on the piano box 3, guzheng piano surface and two head need to add protection, can't direct contact with the walls. Part of guzheng bring hard piano box can directly add fiber bag protection with transport, after the other without strong packing can be customized fumigation-free packing shipment, can fully protect transportation safety, how to prepare a set of strings, avoid abroad cannot buy to other instruments such as the violin, guitar, erhu, pipa packing suggestion: those items that are unable to open the strings in the process of transportation due to the extrusion and collision breaketh the strings and strings for the protective method: 1, adjust the strings knobs, strings will be transferred to the most relaxed state 2, a layer of soft cloth pad at the bottom of the playing area or soft paper, reduce the distance the strings down, soft cloth at the same time also can absorb shock energy, can provide effective protection.
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