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Hair _VIPUTRANS international express some of the basic process and common sense

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-07-01
China as is currently the world's second largest cross-border electricity exporter, economic growth has promoted more foreign trade staff join cross-border for gold, but for newcomers, may not know a importance of international express delivery, the cross-border trade, don't you don't know the depth of water, a complexity also determines the international logistics, is can't literally cooperation with logistics company, the development of the international express delivery after so many years, there has been a relatively perfect process, followed this process today, say some common sense to explain in detail. 1, choose a suitable and correct delivery carriers, the current mainstream brand international express: DHL, TNT, FEDEX, UPS, generally referred to as the four, DHL, TNT send to Europe, southeast Asia, Australia has advantages, UPS, FEDEX, America is an advantage. 2, after consultation with inquiry express customer service, customer service delivery goods according to your weight, volume, Length * width * height) , arrived in the country, the article category, such as information, will help you to select the most suitable, the highest ratio of mode of transportation for your reference. 3, determine the express company cooperation after confirm the order delivery, can through online consulting or telephone contact, consultation and confirm access to the other address, contact your local domestic express company ( Any one can) Send a parcel to international express company. Note: because the warehouse package volume is too much, remember to send a single number and which Courier information to receive your salesman. Convenient sent abroad to help you quickly find your parcel in time. 4, sorting undertakes to shipment before you send to abroad told the service address, name, contact your customer service, they will give you fill in information of face sheet, declare the name and customs clearance information. General delivery company also can give you provide free freight consolidation, classification, and take photos points and other services. 5 goods, warehousing operation to express company, we will sign for scanning into the warehouse. Whether the delivery, contact the reception of your salesman. 6, normal you need to send the Courier is ready, directly related to choose Courier company, to have a time to come, need to prepare something: express ( Express company can provide) The proforma invoice, Need to describe the goods to send information, including: name, HSCODE, material, usage, and the corresponding to send and receive a company information, etc. ) More than 5 cases of normal goods also need to provide the packing list 7: normal customs declaration, customs clearance, delivery Courier company after receipt of the goods to the local customs declaration to the corresponding destination country to arrange flight, flight arrival at the destination delivery company in the destination country for the goods to the customs clearance, customs clearance and then arrange delivery. 8, the international shipping after receiving your information, express company generally on the same day delivery undertakes, the goods in 2 - All seven days to reach destination. The salesman will give you the international express a single number, tracking logistics information together, the customer service will give you feedback in time. 9, to sign for the recipient to sign for in time, feedback to inform the sender, to complete the whole process. If at first you didn't sign for it, please contact customer service, waiting for the second sign for it. In foreign countries, few people will sign for it. Note: 1) International shipping embargo items stipulated according to the regulations of the customs banned exports mail items cannot be entrained in abroad such as drugs, guns and contraband, such items shall not be exported without exception, the specific can consult customer service staff. General sensitive channels can send food, medicines, CDS, tea, cosmetics, batteries, brand goods, such as items, when mail must consult customer service, professional guidance for you. 2) International express international express billing regulations stipulated below 21 kg less than 500 g to 500 g, calculate according to the 1 kg more than 21 kg less than 1 kg, volume weight and actual weight, take big billing. Actual weight: items after packing, the weight of the weighing. ( In terms of kilograms KG) 。 Volume weight calculation formula: long & times; Wide & times; High ( cm) ÷ 5000 = volume weight ( Kg) See here, I believe everyone is also the process of international express delivery, and some need to pay attention to the knowledge of cognitive, basically what is said above, the process of logistics company is quite the same, know more than time, looking for a logistics company is not so blind, if you want to know more, can focus on VIPUTRANS international logistics.
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