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Furniture shipped to New Zealand need what charge? What is the customs clearance process?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-08
Many new immigrants to get the PR in New Zealand, for various reasons, to start to prepare for shipping to New Zealand, domestic furniture items also shipping logistics is different from the domestic logistics, many customers in addition to care about transportation safety, and often how much the cost of care. So, need what furniture shipped to New Zealand? What is the customs clearance process? 1, the cost of shipping to New Zealand furniture furniture shipped to New Zealand freight is according to the volume of goods pricing, 1 CBM weight is 350 kg, usually private items 1 CBM is in commonly 150 kg, the weight of the items commonly so don't consider weight problem. If some special 1 CBM more than 350 kg, billing according to: the actual weight of 350 kg / = charging volume, volume to determine the way will be subject to customs supervision warehouse to provide data. Shipping costs to New Zealand on furniture more detailed content, you can call VIPU Supply Chain customer service in detail. When you and VIPU Supply Chain when conclude a contract for the carriage, VIPU Supply Chain to make quotation, will as long as it is produces in the process of logistics cost has included ( Such as the sea freight, packing, port of shipment clearance fee, the port of destination port fees, customs inspection or inspection and quarantine fees, etc. ) And to reflect on the carrier in the contract, without any hidden costs to customers. It is important to note that the furniture shipped to New Zealand VIPU Supply Chain offers a variety of services, door to port, door to door, door to door value-added three, if you is to choose the door to port service mode, requires the consignee to customs clearance, then you need to pay cost of port is mixed in single themselves need to arrange vehicles to pick up the goods warehouse, you need to pay how many, how many handling charges with specific to items cubic number according to you to decide, on the other hand you pay for the shipping company will give to your credentials, unwarranted chaos behavior does not exist. If you choose the door to door or door to door way of value-added services, customs clearance in New Zealand without the consignee to the site without the original documents of customers, provide customers passport photo page and visa page copy and other materials for a packing list (in English VIPU Supply Chain) And a New Zealand customs clearance form, the agent received after information, we will handle the customs clearance for the customer. 2, furniture shipped to New Zealand customs clearance process furniture shipped after the goods arrive at port, customs clearance process is: after the goods arrive at port customs clearance first, if the customer is the whole ark, the agent will not tear open tank, customs clearance completed offspring to direct arrangement (ministry of agriculture and forestry officials MAF) Live open ark to customers home and do the inspection and quarantine, qualified customers after receiving. If the customer is LCL, the agent can't provide the customs supervised warehouse, so the bonded warehouse in ship company will hurt inside ark, customs clearance and inspection and quarantine, inspection will deliver goods to customer after home. Requirements: (3, documentation 1) If you have New Zealand green card or more than one year work visa or visit visa more than three years, is 21 months before landing in New Zealand to live in New Zealand ( Except for a brief vacation and visit) To provide a copy of the passport photo page and visa page. ( 2) If you are a New Zealand citizen, at least 21 months do not live in New Zealand, Except for a brief vacation and visit) , should be provided in the domestic residence permit, employment permit and passport photo page and visa page copy. 4, customs declaration and clearance material: ( 1) English version of packing list. ( 2) Marine bill of lading. Marine bill of lading take delivery certificate, proof of shipping contract signed by the carrier. ( 3) New Zealand customs Unaccompanied Personal Baggage Declaration form. Customs require that the consignee in destination country in New Zealand private goods customs clearance form, this form should be before the goods to the port at least 1 week or so to fill out after the completion of the scan back to us. 5, the New Zealand customs import policy for personal belongings: leave New Zealand 21 months above New Zealand resident, or new immigrants will not produce any cost of the customs in New Zealand. Used for more than 12 months of personal belongings back to New Zealand can enjoy duty-free and personal property, for new items, New Zealand will impose a 5% tariff and 15% consumption VAT, 销售税) 。 New Zealand customs regulation, all imports of personal items shall be subject to customs of physical inspection and the New Zealand ministry of agriculture and forestry service ( MAF) Check for high-risk items imported into New Zealand there are strict requirements, we will provide a detailed list and complete to the officials of the ministry of agriculture and forestry. If found to have banned items, all items may be required to do the fumigation processing. 6, may be items in the examine: vacuum cleaner, gardening tools, bicycles, camping gear, golf clubs, climbing boots, stirrup saddles, outdoor furniture, these goods advice before logistics cleaning; Cany art products, try not to take food. 7, it is prohibited to transport the goods: spices, honey, milk, egg products, all kinds of meat, all kinds of plants, pinecone berries, Christmas decorations, ivory, turtle shell, endangered animal products, etc.
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