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For wireless charging products sent to FBA Amazon Logistics

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-08-14
The market for wireless charging products has developed rapidly this year. With the emergence of high-tech mobile phones, more and more customers are pursuing high-tech products, so there are many considerations for the circulation and transportation of this product. Miss Fang from Shenzhen specializes in mobile phone accessories products. She has been operating the Amazon platform in recent years. Due to the high competition in the mobile phone accessories market in Shenzhen, she can only expand her business through e-commerce platforms, but Miss Fang has never found The right Amazon fba head logistics partner, which made her feel melancholy. Recently, Ms. Fang bought a large number of wireless charging products, namely wireless charging boards. This product is also a lot, mainly sent to the Amazon warehouse in the United States, so Ms. Fang wondered if she could find a fba head that specializes in special line transportation between China and the United States. In this way, the logistics company can have a higher guarantee of safe transportation and save a lot of processes. So Ms. Fang searched through Baidu and noticed VIPUTRANS logistics, which is the fba headline service of special line shipping between China and the United States. She conducted a simple consultation with customer service john on the website and left her contact information.

Soon Miss Fang received a call from VIPUTRANS business manager Lily, and obtained a timely quotation plan through her own needs. Since the price and timeliness is not bad in all aspects, Miss Fang also immediately reached a cooperation with VIPUTRANS. After a round of communication and consultation, Miss Fang felt that VIPUTRANS is very professional in the first-way logistics and transportation of fba in the United States. During the period, lily reminded customers Qi certification is required for wireless charging products, because Amazon's certification for such products is relatively strict. Therefore, we need to remind sellers and customers to check their certification certificate when they get the goods through the factory. Later, lily also carried out the transportation process based on the cargo information provided by Miss Fang, and ensured the smooth booking, customs declaration, and transportation of the cargo to the customer's designated destination through professional packaging and related documents. This kind of service process makes Ms. Fang feel reliable and professional, and the two parties have also reached a good business relationship through this cooperation.
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