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FBA related knowledge introduction

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-07-19
With the continuous development of Amazon, Amazon's FBA head journey is also growing in actual use. It is mainly a simple statement of Amazon overseas FBA warehouse head delivery transportation. The following is for me to introduce Aka's knowledge about FBA head journey. Introduction:
   So far, Amazon is mainly divided into three main businesses:
   1.Media (that is, the sales commission of its own vendor's products);
  2. FBA (lease online shop sales flow sub warehouse leasing, packaging and delivery, collection and payment);
   3. Amazonwebservices (including s3\db\aq and other products, which can be understood as IDC CDN accelerated personalized website building).

   For Amazon users in mainland China, the Amazon FBA first trip includes the cost of 2 steps:
   1. Send the goods to the domestic service provider warehouse;

   2. Domestic service provider transports goods to Amazon warehouse (Amazon US or Amazon Europe).
  ①Standard service
   Receive goods from Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and other port city warehouses in China, and send the seller's goods to the Amazon warehouses designated by the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Japan, Germany and other countries by sea and air transportation.

  ②Value-added services
   1. Print Amazon label: print the corresponding label of each product according to the Amazon FBA barcode content requirements;
   2. On behalf of the label: in accordance with Amazon FBA storage requirements, each product is labeled with the corresponding barcode;
   3. Subcontracting fee: According to the type and quantity requirements of Amazon FBA warehousing products, sorting and packing by box.

  ③Return service
   can assist in processing returns from Amazon warehouses. Help the customer to re-operate the goods for re-entry into the warehouse or other processing. According to the relevant operating requirements arising from the actual situation, an additional fee will be charged.

  ④Extended service
   Acting for import and export customs clearance declaration, paying customs clearance customs fees and VAT.
  Cooperate directly with foreign professional agents and delivery companies to provide freight overseas warehousing, FBA customs clearance and delivery services for Mason FBA head-end warehouses in Europe, the United Kingdom, the United States and Asia. The goods sent to the AMAZON warehouse have high requirements. AMAZON has made more than a dozen regulations for the transportation to the warehouse.
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