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Do you really understand Amazon fba head logistics

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-08-17
Amazon has distribution centers all over the country. According to the product audience and sales areas, it intelligently arranges the storage location of your goods, thereby further shortening the delivery time and costs; the problem is that Amazon is not responsible for customs clearance and China delivery to Amazon warehouses. The seller needs to choose the logistics plan by himself. Therefore, there are a variety of freight forwarding logistics and transportation companies, specifically to solve these problems for cross-border e-commerce customers on the Amazon platform. Baoshi Express is an expert in this area, focusing on Amazon fba head logistics and transportation. Customers choose excellent logistics and transportation solutions to ensure the safe arrival of their goods, which is trustworthy!

We all know that the Amazon FBA head warehouse is actually just a receiving warehouse. It only takes care of receiving goods. Regardless of other services such as customs clearance, payment of duties, providing importer information, etc., these services are not processed by the Amazon FBA warehouse. The sender handles it himself, and the sender has limited resources, so it can be handled by the FBA head freight forwarder. The freight forwarder has a customs clearance company, which can clear customs and send it to the Amazon warehouse. There are three modes of transportation to the Amazon FBA warehouse. They are: Express, air, sea.

Amazon FBA first-haul logistics and transportation has also driven the logistics market and market at home and abroad, and it has slowly evolved into the trend of the times. Therefore, an excellent FBA first-haul freight forwarding company group is essential, so in these many freight forwarding companies How should we choose a more appropriate one? Baoshi Express specializes in foreign logistics for many years, and vigorously develops e-commerce logistics, integrates resources, and provides diversified and all-round logistics services for the majority of e-commerce customers. Generally speaking, it is relatively reliable. For Amazon FBA sellers, Baoshi American Express can do the following:
One: Amazon EU countries: provide import business, tax package, double clearance, especially suitable for high declared value products
Two: A variety of channels for you to choose, express, air, sea, can really achieve a very good shipping route for you and save you
Three: Can be an importer for you, help customs clearance, and pay customs duties.
Four: We can provide you with value-added services such as return, secondary packaging, offline sales, etc., to solve your problems in all aspects.
Amazon fba head logistics transportation

Below, Baoshi Express will analyze the four shipping methods of Amazon FBA first-haul logistics and transportation, hoping to help customers use FBA first-haul transportation.
1. FBA empty + pie
Use air freight to ship to the local area first, and then use local express delivery to Amazon warehouse. The time is faster, slightly slower than direct express delivery. Express delivery is very convenient for storage without appointment.
Air + delivery is generally double tax package, and there is no need to pay customs prepaid fees, etc., and the cost is very cheap

2. Direct delivery
DHL, UPS, FedEx, etc., generally the price is good for more than 20kg, the time is fast, suitable for emergency replenishment, and express delivery is free of appointment.
However, it should be noted that Amazon is not the subject of customs clearance and is not responsible for customs clearance and tax payment. It is necessary to make declarations and tariff prepayments and prepare for local customs clearance in advance.

3. FBA shipping
Shipping + local customs clearance + destination country delivery, the whole price does not include tax, almost a little more than 1,000 square meters. The United States and the United Kingdom are cheaper, and Canada is more expensive.
This kind of shipping head has a long time effect, and the time effect is slightly longer. Usually it takes more than a month. The trailer is sent to Amazon. Generally, an appointment is required for storage. The operation is more troublesome than express delivery.
Suitable for non-urgent replenishment.

4. Overseas warehouse allocation
Overseas warehouse allocation: put the goods in overseas warehouses, and transfer them to Amazon when needed. The method is flexible and simple, and the replenishment time is short.
Overseas warehousing requires sellers to have a certain amount of inventory and need to pay warehousing costs.

Next, Shenzhen Baoshi Express Logistics Co., Ltd. will analyze and explain the specific operation procedures and precautions of Amazon FBA air and sea transportation!
The FBA first air and sea transportation process generally looks like this:
1. The seller stocks the goods. Prepare documents and confirm delivery time and method;
2. The seller delivers to the warehouse or picks up the goods at home;
3. Logistics inspection, preparation of customs documents, and space booking;
4. Cargo customs to the port or airport and arrange customs declaration;
5. The goods leave China;
6. The seller makes an appointment for the warehouse clearance time;
7. When the goods arrive at the destination, Dongxiang company will arrange customs clearance;
8. Go to Amazon's warehouse according to the scheduled customs time;

Operation process of air freight to Amazon FBA first leg:
1. Air freight to the US FBA inquiry:
a. Need to know the US Amazon warehouse address, the ports commonly used by major routes, and the ports and prices that shippers often need to serve;
b. Main shipping company schedule information;
c. When necessary, ask the owner of the inquiry about some category information, such as the name of the goods and the level of danger. (Waterway dangerous regulations)
2. Land transportation inquiry: (RMB fee)
a. Need to know the number of kilometers and the price of trailers in major cities;
b. Packing price in each port area;
c. Customs declaration fees, commodity inspection, animal and plant inspection fees.

Shipping to the US Amazon FBA first operation process:
The shipping method involves customs clearance issues, and it is difficult to go in the name of an individual. Generally, it is the export method by sea in the name of a company. The buyer prepares Amazon FBA products and related documents to book and release the space and arrange the trailer to arrange the customs declaration to confirm the release and express it to the Amazon FBA warehouse!

What should be paid attention to in the operation of the FBA first shipping:
1. Amazon has no mandatory requirements for the packaging of products. If your products have original packaging, it is of course good to use the original packaging, but if some products are not packaged in cartons, you can also use plastic bags.
2. When Amazon FBA delivers goods, two labels are required-the product label and the outer box label. The product label is affixed to the product packaging. This label can be a UPC code label or a product label generated by the Amazon system. For each batch of goods, the corresponding outer box label should be generated according to the number of boxes packaged in practice.
3. When the Amazon FBA system generates labels, it is a format of 24 or 27 labels on a piece of A4 paper. Of course, it can be printed on A4 paper and then cut and pasted, but it is neither beautiful nor low in power. It is recommended to be able to print labels with a label printer. The label printer has corresponding modification software, which can quickly modify and adjust. For details, you can consult the seller of the printer.
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