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Distribution center operation process

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-02-25
After a long period of development, the distribution center's workflow is sure to gradually standardize and professionalize, simplify the tedious workflow, assign professional personnel to be responsible, ensure the accuracy of each process, and achieve the job connection of each position Smooth in place, so as to achieve the purpose of improving overall work efficiency. Process Xiangjie (1) Receiving operation The receiving operation is the beginning of the operation cycle of the distribution center. It includes two processes of ordering and receiving. After the distribution center receives and summarizes the order form of the store, it must first determine the type and quantity of the goods to be distributed, and then check whether there is a required spot in the existing inventory of the distribution center. If it is in stock, it is transferred to the picking process; if it is not, or the quantity is insufficient although it is in stock. Orders should be issued to the purchasing department of the headquarters in time. Generally, under the condition of abundant commodity resources, after the purchasing department issues an order to the supplier, the supplier will quickly organize the supply according to the requirements of the order. After receiving the notification, the distribution center will organize the relevant personnel to receive the goods and send them to the delivery order Sign on receipt and inspect the goods. (2) Inspection income pool Use certain means to inspect the received goods, including quantity inspection and quality inspection. If it meets the requirements of the order contract, it can be transferred to the next process; if it does not meet the contract requirements, the distribution center will record the error situation in detail. And refused to accept the goods. According to the regulations, the products with unqualified quality will be handled by the suppliers themselves. After acceptance, the staff of the distribution center will then separate them according to categories and varieties. Store them in designated positions and venues by category, or proceed directly to the next step. (3) Storage Storage mainly refers to standing storage, which is to ensure sales needs, but the requirement is reasonable inventory. At the same time, care must be taken to ensure that the quantity and quality of goods do not change in the storage business. Another type of storage is temporary storage, which is a small amount of storage preparation made at the tally site according to the requirements of sorting and distribution when performing daily distribution, or a philosophical deposit of sent goods after sorting and distribution. , Its role is mainly to adjust the rhythm of distribution and delivery, temporary storage time is not long. (4) Picking and distribution The staff of the distribution center selects the goods based on the goods requested on the goods list printed on the information center, the time of the goods required, the storage area, the loading and distribution requirements, and the location of the store. The selection method is generally: fruit method and seeding method. The way of fruit picking is that the staff walks around the neatly arranged warehouse shelves, holding the container, and picks out the goods required by the store according to the variety, quantity and specifications indicated on the distribution list, and puts them in the container meal. Area for loading. The sowing method is that the staff will move the same kind of goods to be delivered from the distribution center to the delivery site, and then make a second allocation according to the user's demand for this kind of goods. (5) Equipped In order to make full use of the capacity of trucks and improve transportation efficiency, distribution centers often combine and assemble the goods of different stores on the same delivery route on the same truck. Arrange the matching operation in the operation process of the distribution center and mix the goods of multiple stores on the same car for stowage, which can not only reduce the delivery cost, but also reduce the traffic flow and change the traffic congestion. Generally, the goods delivered to one store are collectively loaded on one car, which can reduce the delivery items from the delivery center to the store and is also conducive to environmental protection. (6) Processing Processing is mainly simple activities such as cutting, stacking, removing old leaves, etc., or labeling clothing, and bundling promotional items. (7) Delivery This is the final link of the distribution center and an important link of the distribution center. Delivery includes loading and delivery activities. In general, distribution centers use their own vehicles to send loans. At the same time, it also uses the strength of professional transportation organizations in the society to jointly carry out delivery operations. In addition, to meet the needs of different supermarkets, the distribution center often makes various arrangements when delivering goods; sometimes it delivers goods to fixed users according to a fixed time and a fixed route; sometimes it is not limited by time and routes, and it is flexible and flexible. Carry out a shipping operation. (8) Information processing Mainly, the distribution center communicates with customers and transmits information in the whole link of distribution, such as receiving orders from stores, processing orders, and printing picking lists.
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