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Development status of pharmaceutical logistics

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-02-15
Under the gradual development trend, logistics companies have begun to focus on the pharmaceutical industry. The successive layout of Post and SF will open up the pharmaceutical industry chain. Next, it will further cooperate with the secondary pharmaceutical market to make the pharmaceutical industry a new outlet for the logistics industry. In order to deepen everyone's understanding of pharmaceutical logistics and distribution, this article let us understand the development status of pharmaceutical logistics and distribution. An important part of the economy is closely related to the vital interests of the people's lives, health, and quality of life. It is a hot spot of concern for the whole society, and it is also an important content for building a harmonious socialist society. Since the reform and opening up, China's pharmaceutical industry has maintained a rapid growth rate. From 1978 to 2015, the average annual increase in the output value of the pharmaceutical industry was above 15%, the scale continued to expand, and the quality and efficiency of economic operations continued to improve. In recent years, the reform of the pharmaceutical system has continued to deepen, competition in the industry has become increasingly fierce, and pharmaceutical companies are facing tremendous pressure to reduce costs, and urgently need the cooperation of pharmaceutical logistics. The development of pharmaceutical logistics also plays an important role in guiding the healthy and orderly development of China's pharmaceutical industry. Therefore, pharmaceutical logistics has great development space and prospects. I. Development status of pharmaceutical logistics and distribution In general, pharmaceutical logistics refers to the optimization of storage, sorting, and distribution on the basis of ordinary logistics to meet the requirements for the supply and distribution of pharmaceutical products. From the definition, pharmaceutical logistics requirements are significantly higher than universal logistics. For a long time, China's pharmaceutical logistics field has been monopolized by state-owned enterprises. In recent years, with the rise of the pharmaceutical logistics boom, this pattern is gradually changing, and the field of pharmaceutical logistics has already begun. Powerful state-owned enterprises rely on their decades of capital and network accumulation. Some private enterprises have risen rapidly with flexible mechanisms. Foreign-funded enterprises have also closely followed the changes in the domestic market to enter the market. With the rise of third-party logistics, pharmaceutical logistics has also made great progress, which has significant effects on pharmaceutical companies, such as improving the ability to process pharmaceutical orders, shortening the time of medical inventory, and improving the efficiency of capital use. According to incomplete statistics, the number of modern pharmaceutical logistics companies with a warehouse management system accounts for 74.5%, the temperature and humidity automatic monitoring system accounts for 93.8%, the order management system accounts for 85.4%, and the digital picking system (DPS) Accounted for 50.5%, with radio frequency identification system (RFID) accounted for 55.2%, warehouse control system (WCS) accounted for 55.7%, transportation management system (TMS) accounted for 53.6%, and traceable temperature and humidity The monitoring system accounted for 84.9%, the customer relationship management system (CRM) accounted for 49.5%, and the cargo owner management system (TPL) accounted for 45.3%. In general, however, China's pharmaceutical logistics started late and is still in its infancy. The low efficiency of the pharmaceutical supply chain and the high cost of drug distribution are still common. Second, the status of pharmaceutical logistics distribution players With the gradual advancement of marketization of pharmaceutical logistics, competition in this field is also becoming increasingly fierce. According to the nature of the enterprise that undertakes the pharmaceutical logistics business, the market participants of pharmaceutical logistics can be roughly divided into four categories. The first category is logistics subsidiaries directly under the control of large pharmaceutical companies. This type of logistics enterprises are the logistics departments of previous production enterprises. After independence, they still have unique resource advantages. They rely on traffic exports, and most of them have a state-owned background. : Sinopharm Pharmaceutical Logistics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as 'National Drug Logistics'), Kyushu Tong Pharmaceutical Group Logistics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as 'Kyushu Logistics') and so on. The second category belongs to professional logistics companies that are vertical to the pharmaceutical industry. This type of logistics company mainly provides logistics and distribution for raw materials storage and finished product sales for pharmaceutical companies, including cold chain constant temperature and general medicine, equipment storage and transportation services, but the overall scale is small and highly dispersed, such as: Beijing Huaxin Logistics Co., Ltd., Shanghai Kangzhan Logistics Co., Ltd., etc. The third category belongs to traditional integrated logistics enterprises. Such enterprises mainly serve the traditional general logistics and transportation business. In order to expand the diversity of business, achieve differentiated competition and full-category business coverage, improve the competitiveness of the industry, and begin to set up the pharmaceutical logistics market. Utilize the advantages of the network to provide pharmaceutical companies with the entire network of warehousing and distribution of pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and other goods, such as SF Express, China Post, Jiaji Express, etc. The fourth category is logistics companies directly under the e-commerce platform. The advantages of such enterprises are mainly reflected in terminal distribution. With the continuous growth of the sales scale of pharmaceutical e-commerce, e-commerce pharmaceutical logistics will gradually increase in the proportion of pharmaceutical logistics in the future, and become the main force of terminal pharmaceutical distribution, such as JD . With the entry of traditional logistics companies, competition in the pharmaceutical logistics market is rapidly increasing. Judging from the current state of the competitive landscape of the pharmaceutical logistics market, pharmaceutical logistics subsidiaries with advantages in resources and flow entry still dominate. The pharmaceutical logistics market is similar to the traditional logistics market. It is also a subdivided field with relatively scattered and low market concentration. Although the logistics subsidiaries of pharmaceutical companies dominate the pharmaceutical logistics market by taking advantage of the parent company's seller market position, they have not yet reached an absolute advantage in terms of market share. The data shows that four pharmaceutical logistics companies, namely China National Pharmaceutical Logistics, China Resources Pharmaceutical Logistics, Shanghai Pharmaceutical Logistics, and Jiuzhou Tong Logistics, are the leading representatives in this field, accounting for only about 30% of the pharmaceutical logistics market share, and do not occupy a complete advantage. The remaining market share is occupied by professional pharmaceutical logistics, third-party integrated logistics companies, and even regional networks and some high-quality private line companies. With the gradual opening of the pharmaceutical logistics market, market competition will continue to intensify, especially in the field of medical devices and medical peripheral products. From the current trend, pharmaceutical logistics with resource advantages, full-network logistics with network and operational capability advantages, and e-commerce logistics with traffic advantages will play a leading role in the future of pharmaceutical logistics.
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