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DDU and DDP definitions

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-02-12
What is ddu ddp? An airport-to-door service: the corresponding service from airport A to airport B is delivered to the consignee, but the tax should be borne by the consignee, which is what we usually call DDU service; There are also from airport A to airport B, and completed delivery to the consignee, the shipper should bear the tax, this is DDP service! With China's accession to the WTO and its integration with the international community, it has promoted the trade between China and other countries, and at the same time promoted the development and growth of China's logistics import and export trade. In order to make our company serve to meet the needs of customers, to improve the company's service quality, DDU & DDP service can provide one-stop service of picking up goods, customs clearance and door-to-door delivery to meet the needs of customers at different levels and save time for customers. Brief introduction of DDU and DDP in America and Europe: VIPUTRANS creates a fast, efficient and considerate international air cargo service, and maintains good cooperative relations with many airlines, DHL, TNT, UPS, FX. Actively develop overseas agency business abroad. In order to provide various customer services conveniently, British DDU, DDP, American DDU, DDP, German DDU, DDP, French DDU, DDP, Canadian DDU, DDP. Whether regular DDU, DDP customs clearance exit, door-to-door service, or a special entrance door-to-door DDU, DDP service in the UK, we save you time, worry, money-saving logistics solutions, we can provide services for all air/sea customs in Europe and America. Our advantage: the company is located on the coast of Guangdong, with natural and geographical advantages. Professional air transportation, rich operation experience and senior operation team, fast timeliness, strong customs clearance, win the reputation of customers, VIPUTRANS chooses tailor-made logistics solutions for each customer, suitable, quality Assurance.
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