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'Beidou' opens a new chapter in smart logistics

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-07-30
On June 23, the last satellite of Beidou-3 successfully went to the sky after overcoming various difficulties and completed the 'networking' plan of Beidou-3. According to reports, the core of Beidou-3 is to serve the world with higher precision and higher performance.

'Beidou' makes transportation safer

According to the requirements of the 'Measures for the Supervision and Administration of Road Transport Vehicle Dynamics', all heavy-duty trucks and semi-trailer tractors with a total mass of 12 tons or more entering the transportation market should be installed and used by Beidou satellite positioning devices before December 31, 2015. And access to the public platform of road freight vehicles.

In September 2019, the Ministry of Transport and the State Administration of Taxation issued the 'Interim Measures for the Management of Road Freight Transport on Internet Platforms' stating that online platforms should dynamically monitor the location, trajectory, and status of transportation on their own or using third-party platforms.

For truck drivers, the installation and use of Beidou satellite positioning devices can make transportation safer. Compared with other positioning systems, the 'Beidou' system not only provides basic functions such as location and navigation, but also provides communication functions, and provides the world's exclusive short message service. Beidou 3 can send text messages with 1,000 Chinese characters at a time, and can also transmit images and type voices. phone. Moreover, the most prominent feature of the Beidou system is the addition of high-orbit satellites. The higher the satellite, the stronger the anti-blocking ability, especially in low-latitude areas.

In order to comply with national policy requirements, ensure business risks, and ensure the safety of truck drivers, China Reserve Nanjing Smart Logistics Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as 'China Reserve Smart Transport') has cooperated with Beijing Zhongjiao Xinglu Information Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as ' Zhongjiaxing Road') officially launched the technical cooperation on vehicle-mounted Beidou satellite positioning. It is understood that China Reserve Intelligence is one of the leading enterprises in the network freight platform, and insists on fulfilling the responsibilities of the central enterprise, and try first. Zhongjiao Xinglu is the construction and operator of the 'road freight vehicle public platform'. At present, the freight platform has more than 6.1 million vehicles connected to the network, accounting for more than 95% of the national heavy-duty trucks. It is the only national-level supervision platform for heavy-duty trucks.

Multi-scene application of 'Beidou'

On the basis of the positioning data of China Communications Xinglu, China Storage Intelligent Transportation also cooperates with a number of branded car networking companies. According to reports, the Internet of Vehicles equipment is a technical supplement to the 'Beidou' positioning. It can be used for vehicle road departure warning, road safety warning, and as an auxiliary positioning means to ensure vehicle safety when encountering emergencies.

In addition, the positioning channels of CSC Smart Transportation include LBS mobile phone base station positioning and mobile phone APP positioning, which are mainly used for supplementary positioning when the driver is loading and unloading goods at the freight yard, and when the vehicle stops and rests, etc., through the 'four in one' track Positioning, master more accurate cargo trajectory and status monitoring.

One of the core competitiveness of the online freight platform is to achieve high-efficiency truck-to-cargo matching, and precise positioning is one of the most basic data sources. CSC Intelligent Transportation uses positioning data and intelligent matching technology to accurately recommend the source of goods to the most suitable carrier in the form of 'one-to-many', making full use of the carrier's return capacity resources, improving the efficiency of vehicle operation, and reducing the carrier's loading and searching for goods , Waiting time and cost.

The high-precision fence application of the network freight platform also relies on a powerful positioning system. When the vehicle enters and exits the fenced area of ??the receiving and shipping place, CSC Smart Transportation can remind the consignor and consignor to arrange the loading and unloading plan reasonably, and remind the driver to confirm the receipt and shipment in time.

Real, real-time, and effective 'cargo trajectory flow' monitoring is a manifestation of the professionalization of the online freight platform. The background intelligent monitoring system independently developed by China Storage Intelligence Transport has a number of system logic presets for abnormal positioning of vehicles on the way, including no track, abnormal Staying, deviating from the route, etc., automatically trigger the front desk reminder, and synchronize the background warning.

At the same time, CSC Smart Transportation implements 24-hour visual monitoring of the entire journey, which can obtain real-time positioning data, stop information, and intelligently predict the remaining journey and travel time. Relevant information is shared to the client simultaneously, allowing customers to know the location of goods anytime and anywhere.

For example, in terms of cargo transportation guarantee, CSC Smart Transportation can provide safety early warning through trajectory positioning. Based on positioning, the platform predicts the shortest distance, the least toll, and the fastest transportation routes for all vehicles in transit, so that the driver can choose a familiar route at will. When the positioning track finds that the vehicle deviates from the route or stays for a long time, it will be on the way. For early warning, professional customer service will contact the driver to provide necessary support and services.

At the same time, the cargo trajectory flow recorded by CSC Intelligent Transportation through positioning will also be used as a necessary basis for settlement and invoicing to ensure that every order on the CSC Intelligent Transportation platform can achieve 'five flows into one'.

When an accident during transportation causes transportation problems, the cargo security team of China Storage Intelligent Transportation will quickly find the faulty vehicle through the positioning function, and dispatch effective transportation capacity nearby for transshipment or arrange offline maintenance personnel to arrive on-site for handling.

It can be seen that the Beidou positioning system, as the most important part of the “four-in-one” positioning system of China Storage Intelligence Transport, has been used in many logistics scenarios for many years and has become an important technical means of the network freight platform. With the full-scale outbreak of 'Beidou', CSC Smart Transportation will also further enhance the value of the online freight platform. By using the 'Beidou' positioning system, it will ensure the safety of drivers during transportation and achieve more accurate cargo trajectory and status monitoring. Empower industry development with precise and efficient services. (Author: Zhang Yang)
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