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Basic operation of seaborne import and export

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-09-03

1. The basic operation of ton package cargo packing

  Tons of packages include coal, minerals, waste materials, textiles, pulp, paperboard, fiber products, etc. From the perspective of transportation timeliness and cost, if the order quantity is less than 1,000 tons, container transportation is basically used; if the order quantity exceeds 1,000 tons, bulk shipping is recommended.

Problems that should be paid attention to when loading and fixing tonnage bags

(1) Tons of package cargo can generally be loaded horizontally or vertically. At this time, the container capacity can be fully utilized.
(2) Tons of package cargoes generally need to be lined with thick planks, etc., to ensure stability when they are stacked up and down.
(3) Tons of packages packed in coarse cloth are generally stable and do not need to be fixed. If you need to stack up and down to load, generally ensure that the bottom of the tonnage is relatively flat.

2. Basic operation of bagging and packing

  The types of packaging for bagging include sack, cloth bag, plastic bag, etc. The main cargo loaded is granular cargo: such as grain, coffee, cocoa, waste, PVC granules, PE granules, fertilizers, etc.; powdered cargo such as cement, powdered chemicals, flour, animal and plant powders, etc. Generally, the moisture resistance and moisture resistance of bag packaging materials are weak, so it is best to lay waterproof coverings such as plastic on the top of the goods after packing. Or the bottom of the container should be moisture-proof and waterproof before packing.

The problems that should be paid attention to when loading and securing bags are

(1) The bagged goods are generally easy to collapse and slide. They can be fixed with an adhesive or insert a liner board and non-slip rough paper in the middle of the bagged goods.
(2) The bag is generally convex in the middle, and the common stacking methods include wall-building method and cross method.
(3) In order to prevent the bagged goods from being stacked too high and there is a risk of collapse, it is necessary to fix them with tie-down equipment.

   If the consignee or consignor, port of departure or port of destination country has special loading and unloading requirements for bagged goods, the bagged goods can be pre-stacked on pallets and proceed as the palletized cargo packing operation.
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