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Visitors to send VIPU Supply Chain: don't be cheap price 'fool'

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-06
Local tyrants want to buy a kilo crabs, he got three quotation: acquaintance quotation is 40; Bosom friend offer is 38; Strangers offer 25. As a result, he chose to 25 of the stranger. But don't know acquaintances made only 2 pieces, one friend didn't earn, packing also sell at 5 yuan; 25 strangers have earned 15! Finally, he found that the crabs are bad! Not only taste terrible and let the family to eat bad belly & hellip; Ma said to, not a fake too much, it is sometimes too greedy & hellip; Acquaintances not acquaintances to kill you, is want to give you the best! Just you don't trust! International logistics industry, is it not the case. If you only see the price, to ignore the power of a company and service, the loss to the last, it is not just at the beginning the price a little bit high. Choose good international logistics lp, depends on the strength, look at the site, warehouse scale, look at abroad, such as security, good service, not according to the price of street stalls for the customer. International logistics transportation distance, long time span, the process is very complicated, so the requirement of international logistics industry company is extremely high, strong professional requirements. Many international freight company in the name of the international logistics market, but its itself is mainly engaged in general cargo, not understanding for the international logistics, the price is relatively low, but not only difficult to customs clearance, and unfamiliar will due to the lack of related documents can't clearance lead to soaring costs. Even some companies offer so-called door to door service fee will be calculated separately in abroad have a lot of hidden costs, such as customer can only crustily skin of head after the goods shipped by & other Slaughter & throughout; 。 VIPU international logistics Supply Chain to refuse to hidden fees, clear the links listed in the contract price, and so the loss of some customers. Unfortunately, we received had the intention of customer calls from time to time, complain that some companies at very low price as attraction, after shipment, the goods in the name of all the increase sharply. VIPU international Supply Chain logistics lp also called for in this part of the peer don't disrupt the market short-term behavior, damage the interests of customers. A penny, a minute goods, such a simple truth, you must be more understanding than we.
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