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VIPU Supply Chain science: Chile customs of different rules of its own

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-10
Mention South American market, you may feel a headache. Particularly in Brazil, Argentina, hurdles, is to let China's exporters. However, not all South American countries. Chile, a customs relatively & other; Open & throughout; And & other Generous & throughout; Countries, it seems that is a South American & other; Small and pure and fresh & throughout; Representative. But even in such a relaxed environment, occasionally appear some problems, such as customs clearance delays. There are many causes of customs clearance delays. Below small make up to you to analyze what these. Customs clearance delays are often low invoice amount of Chile in South America import policy of all countries is the most open, transparency is the highest and government departments. In general, if appear customs clearance delays, in addition to address errors such as the basic problem, some contraband, such as package, or edible items, especially the products related to crops, such as fruit and vegetable seeds to send the sample of the package is because there is no should have the customs declaration documents, or is the information of customs clearance documents to be confirmed. Chile express customs invoice is the most basic file, enterprise or the recipient of the invoice above if there is no id number also can go through, just through the pay value added tax ( 19%) Can't return to the enterprise, also cannot serve as overhead, but also not delay in customs clearance. Caused the main reason for the customs clearance delays tend to be the market value of the invoice value with the actual product difference is too big. When CIF invoice value exceeds $one thousand at the same time, it must be through a formal customs broker to do customs clearance formalities, and not directly by the Courier company to agent or personal declaration on its own. Complete required documents can be fast customs clearance as the import cargo clearance Chile is very quick, only need to prepare required documents, and, in collaboration with experienced customs broker can smoothly complete the import formalities. Specific file is as follows: 1, related to the goods of the bill of lading B/L; 2, import declaration; 3, commercial invoice invoice; 4, goods packing list packing list; 5, insurance policies, If not, the customs will use 2% of the total cost of the goods for computing) ; 6, certificate of origin ( If not, the customs will use 6% import duty for calculation, but cannot enjoy tax benefits of trade agreements between China and Chile) ; 7, if it is agricultural products, seafood, firearms, cosmetics, toys, chemicals, such as limited product, must request the relevant units of security certificates; 8, if the customs questions about import price is too low, you must provide evidence of reasonable and relevant documents. Chile customs clearance flow chart: customs for import price has three years prosecution customs for import price has three years prosecution, because Chile is a country very dependent on imports, if it is in the container to the port, customs clearance when run check, will cause delays, resulting in the port big traffic jam, so conducive to national development. In general, the customs will not immediately questioned, are & lsquo; Even with the wineries & rsquo; 。 Is usually a year or two after customs clearance, customs will suddenly on imports of some unit price before you have a question, ask you to explain. Most of the enterprise after receiving the customs notification letters don't know how to deal with, can only wait for the customs of fines. Actually, want to bring enough information in the customs for inspection, let the customs know what they questioned & other Low price & throughout; Is reasonable, is also a common market prices, not deliberately interacting, and tax evasion, it can be accepted by the customs, which will not be fined. Exporters do not & other; Penny wise and pound foolish & throughout; Chile customs clearance on all process very transparent and simple, general won't appear the customs specially spite, even international is often sold in China, also can in the case of import process does not affect the normal goods ( Effective ZhuiSuQi three years) After, again by notification importer import prices and reasonable proof to solve. So on the import side, the Chilean importer relative to other South American countries, with the operation of the absolute advantage. Many Chinese exporters like to plug some of things in the container and customs clearance, not like to eat, drink or personal effects. Once open ark to check out, in addition to a fine, the company will be blacklisted, later as long as it is in the blacklist company imports, is open tank inspection will be a lot more opportunity. And every open ark inspection and open ark fee, plus the delay time of a day, cabinets have to be born into the storehouse, and expenses, uneconomic, so can't & lsquo; Penny wise and pound foolish & rsquo; 。 Edit comments: the above is the editor to finish some of the other side of the customs regulations, Chile Chile customs clearance is simple as a whole, is also very open, more not too complicated. International logistics lp VIPU Supply Chain for the majority of people going abroad all the year round to provide door to door double clear GuanGuoJi logistics services, for your new chapter of emigrants. If you have any international logistics requirements, you are always welcome to call our hotline.
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