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VIPU international logistics Supply Chain to provide free on-site assessment, measurement and consulting services

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-11
Many clients on the phone consulting international logistics issues, said would ask don't know what to transport volume number, inaccurate measurement at home afraid, can you come to help me to measure the volume. Actually we VIPU international logistics Supply Chain have been providing free on-site assessment, measurement and consulting service, no matter you in which area. In general, we VIPU international Supply Chain logistics lp after confirmation of your consultation, will arrange supervision commissioner door-to-door free volume measurement and calculation for your goods shipment and arrival time, according to your details of items being checked and the relocation plan, calculate the most accurate quotation and tailor international logistics transport plan for your reference for your choice. Specific services is as follows: 1, the free volume of items measuring the volume of items free on-site field measurements, and packing for you, and your initial consultation delimit the packing area, material put area, after the item's display area, for big precious, fragile items, such as piano, murals, wine cabinet, electrical and handicraft accurately measure and take pictures, so as to formulate corresponding shockproof, moisture-proof wooden cases. 2, detailed explanation destination customs policy VIPU international logistics Supply Chain supervision commissioner, will inform you that your destination customs banned items, most of the country for planetary-boundaries items are may produce tariff, using more than 12 months of the goods such as furniture won't produce tariffs. If you have some new furniture, electrical appliances, VIPU Supply Chain international logistics lp will free replacement for you into our custom packaging, with years of practical experience as the guide, reasonable tax avoidance as far as possible for the customer. 3, making items time of shipment and time of arrival VIPU international logistics Supply Chain will be according to your time of shipment, arrange and plan the door packing, shipment time, and according to the shipping company shipment tell the specific time of arrival, is expected to customs clearance and delivery time. And in the second working days into electronic international transportation plan send you confirm. 4, other incidental question answer VIPU international logistics Supply Chain supervision commissioner, will tell you in detail items shipping to abroad how to sign for it and a series of international logistics, there are other customers are more concerned about problems, such as: (1) goods originating from China after how long does it take to receive my items? 2 how to track an item's dynamic online? (3) items to foreign which files do I need to provide? (4) which items will delivery to assemble for me right? 5] packaging removed when clean up garbage go? [6] do I also need to pay other fees when receiving? Once if the goods are lost or damaged the change how to deal with?
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