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Vicious competition + low freight rates, when

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-07-26
At present, as the freight market continues to be sluggish, individual truck drivers are gradually entering a predicament. In order to save costs, many individual truck drivers are mostly couples driving or driving by themselves. What follows is the fatigue driving of truck drivers and the safety factor. The incidence is greatly reduced, and evil causes frequently occur. However, few people care about what happens to them every day.

What are the reasons for these problems?

The chaotic freight market now leads to vicious competition

In the overall freight market, there are competitions to lower prices, competition, lack of self-discipline and regulation, and the country lacks effective laws and regulations.

The husband of a classmate of the author is a truck driver. In recent years, the sales of goods have been poor. She and her husband have been driving together for almost five years. Although they have tried their best, they feel that it is difficult to find goods and make money especially this year. In order to find the source of goods, the couple have been waiting for almost two days in the Longteng Logistics Park in Shuangyashan, Heilongjiang. In order to save money, the board and lodging are in the car. The upper and lower bunks in the rear of the cab are their homes, and all bedding, pots and pans are available in the car.

In a year, the couple spend almost half of their time in this 'home'. The couple wandered around looking for supplies, but still found nothing. My classmate said that the freight market is now competing to lower prices, making the freight market more and more chaotic. Once, her husband had just signed the transportation contract with the cargo station, and the cargo owner called and said that there was another car that was cheaper than his. There was no way, this car could not be loaded.

**Competition leads to low freight rates and severe overloading

In order to increase income, truckers entered a vicious circle, pulling more and more, and as a result, the freight was getting lower and lower, and then the 'hundred-ton king' appeared. Although overweight and overload are a severe test for all parts of the entire vehicle, it is also extremely damaging to the highway.

Everyone knows that driving this kind of car is dangerous, and it's really a matter of life. But in order to make money, there are still many drivers driving. Its existence is also a tool for many people to support their families. In fact, this is also a contradiction.

There are too many road chaos phenomena, which increase the transportation cost of truckers in disguise.

Fines imposed by traffic police and highways, profits drawn from drivers by cargo stations, roadside repair shops slaughtered truck drivers, car bandits and road tyrants brazenly grabbing * and stealing * and so on. The reasons for the fines of traffic police and highway administration vary from place to place. If nothing happens, he will also issue a fine for your car is too dirty, which affects the appearance of the city.

At the distribution station, there are consignors from various manufacturers. He said that as much money is as much money, and a lot of profits are taken away by them. Roadside repairs, repairs in the service area, and ten screws 3600 were hacked. Walking across the highways across the country, which driver has never encountered a road tyrant?
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