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To which companies does third-party logistics apply?

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-02-29
Enterprises choosing third-party logistics should consider the logistics resources and operating costs owned by the enterprise itself. For example, JD.com's self-built logistics. Construction logistics is based on a large amount of manpower and capital investment, and it is still planning and perfecting in the face of long-term loss of operating conditions. Not all enterprises have the financial and material resources of JD.com. Therefore, when considering third-party logistics companies, specific planning should be made according to the logistics resources that the company has, and third-party logistics resources can be used to save corporate management and operating costs, while relying on third-party logistics professional and standardized services to improve the company's The image in the minds of consumers, thus promoting the long-term development of enterprises. When choosing a third-party logistics resource, remember to blindly search for it. It should be considered in combination with its own situation and the characteristics of the third-party logistics company. In the process of cooperation with the third-party company, both parties can benefit from it, so as to achieve long-term development. A qualified third-party enterprise should have the following characteristics: 1. Have a professional level and corresponding logistics network; 2. Have economies of scale; 3. Can it help enterprises reduce capital investment and optimize resources in the process of cooperation? Configuration; Fourth, the third-party logistics company has information technology; Five, whether the logistics company has a sound business philosophy to reflect its own value advantages. Advantages of joint distribution by third-party logistics companies 1. From the perspective of the structure of the common distribution model, the stability of the third-party logistics company's common distribution model is better, because each company forms a common distribution body after careful selection, and the cooperation between various enterprises is stable for a long time. 2. From the perspective of the effectiveness of the common distribution model, common distribution can reduce the cost of third-party logistics companies, thereby indirectly saving costs for their customers. The common distribution mode can make use of the scale benefits of logistics, and can eliminate duplicate transportation, save capital, and make enterprises more competitive. 3. From the perspective of common distribution mode services. From the perspective of common distribution alliances through vehicle, warehousing, and human resource integration, it occupies less liquid funds, improves product turnover, improves the information platform, and can more quickly meet customer needs. Increase customer satisfaction. In addition, the common distribution model of third-party logistics enterprises is conducive to the overall planning and establishment of a logistics professional park, solving the land demand dilemma of the enterprise, improving the commercial logistics environment, and thereby improving the overall quality of social life. Disadvantages of joint distribution by third-party logistics companies 1. The trade secret of the owner's company is not easy to keep. Joint distribution is based on the dispatch and cooperation of a unified distribution center. This requires multiple logistics companies to share the business information of customer companies. This will necessarily involve some trade secrets, such as customer lists, strategic intentions, etc., especially In the common distribution process of the same industry, the distribution information is basically in the public selection, and commercial secrets are not easy to maintain, which affects the formulation of the company's competition strategy among the same industry. 2. The organization and coordination within the alliance is difficult. The biggest problem of joint distribution between industries is the difficulty of organization and coordination. First, because each owner has certain requirements for his own delivery of goods, including time, place, route, and degree of security. Wait, it is very difficult to standardize all the elements, and how to coordinate the planning needs to be solved urgently. Secondly, every third-party logistics company has its own business philosophy and operation method. Coordinating these companies can cooperate with each other. The division of labor exists. With greater difficulty. 3. There are many conflicts in the distribution of benefits. In the past, China did not have an objective calculation method for the benefits of common distribution. Then there is no operable standard or basis for the benefits generated by common distribution. 4. In this issue, the distribution of benefits is difficult to be fair and reasonable. Therefore, the logistics companies in the alliance have many conflicts of interest and it is difficult to reach agreement.
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