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To send express international express abroad to choose how to save money? _VIPUTRANS

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-06-21
For a college students to study abroad, away from home spend money. Is presented in this paper, international express company and send the parcel express freight is very expensive, really can't afford it. We all do international logistics a small qing loyal users and we talked about. Small clear is a college student studying in the states, she only know before DHL, EMS, UPS international express company. Once she use DHL sent a file to the United States, the file is not big, but the freight will be 500 +. After small qing shall frequently send it special delivery ( After all the freight cost so much) At home, but before she is a shopaholic, no problem to the United States is also want to buy something in a treasure above. She has also tried using a treasure to CSCL, but poor service. Later she found this post and transport company, not only limitation is similar to large international express company, specifically, save trouble, became our loyal users. Recently the; 11. 11. ' Also there are a lot of people to consult our customer service. Ask more is the parcel, can you send one of our big advantage is what can according to customer's mail to the most affordable logistics solution. So don't worry about your packages can't send, as long as give us, will help you make the best mail solution, greatly enhance the risk of the parcel delivery. And the line of international logistics and first class agents of the EMS and the four major international express 3 - enjoy each big international express 5 discount, the individual to the official site by mail is very expensive, because there is no discount. Can get a discount through the line of international logistics freight, limitation as well as the official offer goods guarantee security and effectiveness. Send the international express generally divided into: one, the official direct mail ( Direct contact with EMS, DHL, UPS, this kind of official delivery, the price is more expensive) Second, the freight forwarders, freight company ( Price is the official Courier 3 - cheaper 5 fold, in addition to the price is lower that makes no difference) Finally, you can choose according to their actual needs, don't understand and want to consulting understand international logistics can contact customer service
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