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The UK mail launch of digital services to promote mixed _VIPUTRANS mail business

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-06-22
According to foreign media reported recently, as part of the British company DHL package, British mail company mixed mail business implementation record growth, at the same time announce new digital services. UK mail mixed mail business achieve double-digit growth, in the business season by up to 43%, in the market in various fields, various scale enterprise mail volumes are its growth. In response to growing demand, the mail company plans to launch new services, expanding its digital products, digital transformation in support of the customers. Scanning and archiving is a new service that allows customers to convert all paper records to digital records. Companies use the best digital scanning technology for processing industry, based on the number of cloud and then upload paper records to portal, convenient management in the future. UK mail company also introduced a electronic billing service, allowing companies to use electronic invoice instead of paper receipt, saving up to 75% of the cost. This is an automated program, no manual printing and send the invoice. Enterprises and their customers can access to save the current and historical invoices online portal. All documents in a safe place, customers can easily search, sorting and download the invoice. UK mail company general manager, Andy Barber said the market is changing, in the growth of hybrid mail service can see this change. E-mail number will continue to grow, companies want to provide a series of hybrid mail services to supplement the traditional mail services, to meet customer demand, help customers in a way to manage your email stand the test of time. English E-mail, chief operating officer Chris said Mangham, digital services is an important part of the overall company E-mail product portfolio, highlights the continued investment in promoting and developing company E-mail commitment to the market.
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