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The storage box is sent to the US Amazon warehouse

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-08-13
Our daily life is inseparable from various storage boxes. In addition to storing things, the main design of storage racks emphasizes overall beauty and matching, so the styles of storage racks are also diverse. Storage products are in great demand in our daily use, and various storage boxes are also selling hot in Amazon stores. This type of product is very popular. Ms. He specializes in storage products such as storage boxes and storage boxes. Since she is optimistic about the sales prospects of the Amazon platform, she has also invested a lot of money and effort on this.

Ms. He's company is based in Shenzhen and has opened a home furnishing store in Amazon America. Recently, there was a shipment that was eager to be sent to the Amazon warehouse in the United States, so she wanted to find a logistics company that specializes in transportation between China and the United States. So Ms. He contacted VIPUTRANS US special line through the online search for Sino-US special line logistics, and consulted on the website the price of the storage box by air to the US FBA. According to customer service joanna, he immediately arranged a business TOM for Miss He to serve him, and told us that we can provide one-stop services such as Amazon warehouse reservation, pallet, customs clearance and delivery.

TOM also quickly analyzed the specific situation of Miss He's cargo and reported all the expenses to Miss He. After several days of consideration, Ms. He contacted TOM again and asked to inquire about the nearest flight. She picked up the goods from Shenzhen to our warehouse on the same day. Once Ms. He’s goods and documents are ready, she can wait for the direct flight to the United States. Transport and deliver immediately.
VIPUTRANS focuses on American fba air transport dedicated line transportation, and can provide you with one-stop services such as double clearing to door by sea, double clearing to door by air, and fba first-way express, making your cross-border e-commerce logistics more worry-free.
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