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The selection of overseas warehouses is very mysterious

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-01-24
VIPUTRANS's overseas warehouses provide overseas warehousing services, including warehousing and logistics electronic information, e-commerce platform information, e-commerce logistics information, and traditional warehousing and logistics integration services. Domestic and foreign e-commerce platforms integrate and manage various e-commerce orders, customers, inventory and other information in distribution channels, so as to realize efficient and coordinated domestic and foreign storage and distribution businesses, it can greatly reduce your overseas business, greatly reduce the cost of overseas manual operation, control inventory in real time, reduce operating costs, respond to orders quickly, improve customer satisfaction and enhance competitiveness. With the fast and efficient intelligent mobile terminal handheld PDA, any operation related to system functions can be carried out anytime and anywhere. Selection of overseas warehouses: selection of overseas warehouses has always been a big problem. Maorong will give you some experience Summary: 1. Size and weight of large-scale products: for example, products such as home gardening and auto parts can break through product specifications by using overseas warehouses, greatly reduce logistics costs. 2. Products with high unit price and gross profit: for example, electronic products, jewelry, glass products, etc. can be damaged and lost to a very low level, reduce risk for sellers who sell high-value goods. 3. Hot-selling products: for example, fashion clothing, fast-moving consumer goods and other popular products, overseas buyers can quickly process orders and withdraw funds through overseas warehouses. 4. There are obvious off-season products: for example, this season is consistent with the theme of European and American holiday products, and the short-term supply of overseas warehouses. For holiday consumer goods, buyers pay more attention to the issue of timeliness. 5. Products with large single shipment: Although the sales speed is relatively slow, a certain scale of product sales has been formed. You can choose to go to overseas warehouses. 6. Domestic parcels cannot be transported to products: such as high-profit liquid products or lithium battery products.
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