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The goods to the United States how to customs clearance, what considerations _VIPUTRANS

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-06-27
In the United States customs clearance problem, must have a lot of sellers will relationship, after all customs clearance problem can affect our transport the goods to the United States can safely arrived in customer's hands. Do cross-border electricity, the most afraid of two reasons, first is no traffic, no ranking, the second is the transportation of the goods. In the industry has this saying a word, everything didn't hand products to customers, is not a successful deal. Can start, logistics transportation are more important. Of course, now the Courier company already has a lot of very good, but for customs clearance ability, there are some companies did not very good. As a seller, of course, we can only rely on the Courier company, ought to know, we'd better know, too. The goods to the United States how to customs clearance, what? Today let's talk about this topic. The FBA head air qing cheng focus on meaning items: 1, air America clearance must use the customs code of the consignee ( Tax ID, also called the IRS No. ) To customs clearance. 国税局没有。 ( 美国国税局。 ) Is the consignee tax - in the United States Service, the registration of a tax identification number. 2, air America, in the United States, without Bond can't clearance, no id number can't customs clearance. 3, declared value for customs, does not produce any tariff within the $800, $2000 in the United States customs will depend on the amount of Courier tariffs. Flown to the United States suggested that customs declaration value not less than $20. 4, the customs will usually told to release or not within 48 hours ( Shipping goods) 。 Air cargo will be informed within 24 hours. Is actually work at any time in the United States customs, so the air cargo even arrived on Saturday and Sunday can customs clearance, but it must be charged by some weekend on duty company to operate. 5, some cargo ship has not arrived, the customs has decided to check. Air the most inland points can do declare in advance before the goods arrive, PRE - 明确) , but only after the ARRIVAL of the goods after the concatenated IT will display the results. Does it feel like after watching the above, request and the complexity is not low, in fact is not so difficult, the most difficult is to find a on logistics service providers, nature can avoid some risk, also can consult our customer service, help you to understand the details.
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