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The first entry to New Zealand immigration logistics should pay attention to what matters

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-06
The first entry to New Zealand immigration logistics should pay attention to what issues? New Zealand customs entry and exit rules strictly. Whether passengers, or New Zealand immigration, can carry a certain amount of duty-free goods entry and exit, for beyond the part you need to declare at customs in New Zealand, pay taxes and goods and services tax. New Zealand immigration is necessary to know the rules of the New Zealand immigration in advance, in order to avoid unnecessary trouble. So, the New Zealand immigration entry to New Zealand for the first time to pay attention to? It is prohibited to carry any item? What item should declare to carry? The following VIPU international logistics Supply Chain for you the following considerations. Fill in the entry card first, before they enter the customs before the plane landed, the immigration of soon will receive the passenger entry card provided by the flight attendants, immigration needs to fill in, after the completion of passport control to the customs for inspection. Off the plane to the customs offices for handling the entry into the customs, immigration don't try so hard to pick up the luggage, but go to the airport customs passport control, the entry card and passport to the customs personnel do good entry procedure. To claim your luggage luggage conveyor belt through passport control, you can go to the customs, the conveyor belt near the baggage claim to get the luggage, will be subject to customs control inspection and quarantine. Contraband and declare them to large inventory, known as entry & other; Throughout the world the last piece of pure land &; Of New Zealand, as well as the entry articles carried by the provisions of the strict country in the world, new immigrants must know in advance before entry which items can be brought to New Zealand, which items to New Zealand. Airport in New Zealand, there is a tip about illegal entry and to declare items in Chinese. Bulletin boards, many immigrants from China often from a variety of local products, snacks, seeds, dry goods, fruits and eggs products items such as impressively in the column. Enter, if not carefully carry the items on the bulletin board, should immediately declare before entry or discarded, or it will face heavy fines, fines ranging from 400 to 10000 nz, severe cases may even be deported directly, if the circumstances are bad people may also be sentenced to be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than 5 years! Therefore, before landing in New Zealand, new immigrants must understand illegal entry and must declare in advance. Enter, these items don't take low birds meat, Chicken, Turkey) With egg fresh vegetable, fruit and fungus low honey, pollen, propolis, cellular, and any items of bees composition low all live animals, pets, birds, egg, fish and insects when all living plants, flower seedlings, corn, root and red wreath with wreaths items low straw, straw low coral, ivory, snakeskin, crocodile, whale bone composition items, including any ornaments, jewelry, gifts, and manual art low clam, turtle and tortoise shells 'Chinese medicine & other; Purchase & throughout; Be a total ban on carrying into New Zealand ( The drug containing pseudoephedrine is prohibited item) After declaration can carry items of immigration New Zealand whatever meat, fish and shellfish seafood ( Including the cooked, cold, fresh, anticorrosive, any food packaging and dry) Low eggs items low milk, milk powder, butter, cheese and the baby to eat dairy products low fruit ( Dried fruit) With vegetables, rice noodles, rice noodles fox nuts, seeds, no explosion of herbs and spices, cooking corn planting the seeds of all need, including all packaging good seed low plant composition of items made of a plant or items where herbs, health care, health care medicine including animal or plant ingredients low dry flower's items made from coconut, sugar cane, bamboo all wood items, including drum, sculpture, spear and mask all items made of fur, fur, skin, also not be treated wool, feather toys for animals on the clothes, shoes, such as animal appliance ( Animals such as cleaning tools) , wash and dress their pets in tool, saddle, cage and mahler all outdoor supplies, camping supplies, sporting goods, hiking, and other water containing soil, seeds or hiking shoes ( Shoes can be obtained after dealing with the agriculture, forestry and place) In New Zealand airport entry quarantine area, & other; Declare or discarded, this is your last chance & throughout; Chinese tip is very eye-catching. The expert reminds, if immigrants to carry goods not sure, you must declare. If New Zealand immigration don't want to declare, can don't or can't determine whether can carry items dropped here, and then to accept the inspection and quarantine. VIPU international logistics Supply Chain proposal, fresh fruit, plant products, vegetables, meat, eggs, dairy products, tubers, plant seeds, are New Zealand customs sensitive items. If immigrants want to more easy entry, to avoid unnecessary trouble, directly in front of the check away would be more prudent choice.
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