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The FBA, Germany China hair how FBA send _VIPUTRANS

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-06-30
Germany FBA, China hair how Germany FBA hair? Can find VIPUTRANS international logistics. Express line in Europe is VIPUTRANS international logistics, according to the requirements of cross-border electricity sellers specially customized fast and economical empty send special line service, quality and efficient logistics the service use Hong Kong enough air to clear advantage resources and Britain, and create a aging fast and qing GuanQiang European special line. In a domestic centralized sorting the goods, customs clearance of goods in Europe after the Courier company to send this service is guaranteed, higher security, good cost performance, is the best choice of many cross-border electricity business channel. VIPUTRANS amazon FBA head cheng international logistics distribution can provide services: a, transportation services provided to Japan FBA, British FBA, American FBA, Germany FBA FBA, Canada, Mexico FBA amazon warehouse logistics and customs clearance services and value-added services. Print labels: amazon in accordance with the requirements for the amazon FBA barcode content print each product the corresponding label 2. Generation of labeling: in accordance with the requirements for the amazon FBA warehousing, each product with the corresponding bar code 3. Points: in accordance with the requirements for the amazon FBA put in storage the amount and type of product, reference time sorting according to the packing in the European special line delivery time: 5 & ndash; Except for special cases 8 working days. Delivery time to destination all customs clearance and arrange flight. VIPUTRANS international logistics Germany FBA line advantages of flexible operation, aging fast, following the tracks of aging fast China Germany FBA note 1, check whether every product in line with online fill in the number of transport. 2, with a laser printer to print the right label, paper size to fit ( Item: 1; x2 5/8; Packing: 3 - A third; x4” ) Tags, confirm will not be can't read or be soiled. 3, according to use amazon provide PDF files, make label, stick each commodity on the label. 4, to determine the names of the objects and attributes are in conformity with the self-adhesive label. 5, under the label of the carrier, stick on the container label. 6, choose can provide the tracking number of the carrier company, so that amazon can track the goods. Use ShipandTrack button to enter the tracking number. Not to do: unless receive your account has been established mixed interconnected inventory ( 混合库存) Don't forget to label, otherwise. 1, do not use the inkjet printer to print the product or package labels. 2, don't put the packing label stick to the likely damaged joints, affect the scan. 3, don't let the noise of transportation package weighs more than 50 pounds, otherwise labeled tips. 4, don't put the waybill different items together transportation, transportation quantity must be consistent with fill in. 5, don't more than fill in the number of online delivery number. 6, delivery packing don't still hold the last shipment invoices, easy to confuse. How about Chinese hair Germany FBA? VIPUTRANS international logistics FBA stable head line cheng, 124 hours for your tracking, to provide one-stop delivery/air/sea to the FBA, each channel stability, double the tax package, price is excellent, strong customs clearance.
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