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The difference between paid export and agent export

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-09-05
Paying for export means that if a unit that does not have the right to export (such as a factory, a trading company, or an individual doing business, etc.) wants to export goods, they must also declare the export to the customs; but they do not have the right to export, so they have no right to declare directly to the customs Export; In this way, their goods must be declared to the customs for export in the name of a unit with export right; the unit without export right pays the unit with export right and buys a legal set from the unit with export right The way to declare to the customs with the export declaration data is called 'pay for export' or simply 'pay for export'.
China’s foreign exchange control requires that whoever exports the US dollar is recovered and whoever writes off. For example, if I use the verification form of company A to export, company A must withdraw the corresponding U.S. dollars; but if you use pay-for-export, the US dollars will not be remitted to the foreign trade company that provides the verification form. Caused foreign exchange chaos. If you use A's verification form to export
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