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The business scope of VIPU international logistics Supply Chain

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-11
Sea international transportation ten years of temper, the more glorious future & ndash; — VIPU Supply Chain, international presence and infrastructure in logistics center ( Shanghai) , relying on natural geographical location advantage and the years continuous grinding and temper, has broad and perfect logistics system to support the diversity of customer needs, whether it is a large furniture, decorate building materials and furniture, luggage VIPU international can function to provide one-stop Supply Chain logistics transportation solutions. Demand first, private ordering & ndash; — VIPU international Supply Chain, from the beginning of the new to create a private customized business consultant team, according to different customers different transport demand, VIPU Supply Chain team will establish every step of the transportation scheme, with real knowledge comes from practice, with real insights, to ensure that the transport links to control all the way, a variety of requirements, a kind of meet! Strength, with global coverage & ndash; — VIPU international Supply Chain, in China, for radiant point, covering the global mainstream state import and export logistics transport category. In the strong strength of customs clearance, who, on the basis of national policy and customs clearance procedure, to avoid red tape for you, to simplify transportation steps. From a file of prefabricated docking, to a destination distribution services, such as big furniture items including destination packaging unpacking and garbage collection services, furniture items to put in place furniture assembly services, by VIPU Supply Chain is responsible for in the end, realize truly one-stop service! International air express delivery time rushed, choose better & ndash; — VIPU international Supply Chain, through many years with major international express giants, such as DHL, UPS, FEDEX's business development, rooted in a strong partner, deep tillage VIPU of air parcel transportation Supply Chain, in the air of effectiveness, safety and select surface to provide more high quality and fine service. Slow and steady, solid & ndash; — VIPU international Supply Chain, through for the accurate analysis and positioning of the needs of customers, and for the effective development of multiple air and Courier transportation route and channels, through competitive price advantage and continuity further escort for the overwhelming majority of consumers. Experienced, dental laboratories & ndash; — VIPU international Supply Chain, through one thousand instances of cargo transportation, leads the world in the express transportation industry, no doubt, safe, efficient service concept always implement in VIPU Supply Chain person's heart!
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